Travel illness or accident

In case of loss or an acute situation, please contact us or our assistance partner. Please have the following necessary information at hand:

  • the date of birth or the identity code
  • the address of the person who has fallen sick or is injured
  • the policy number stated on the insurance card (if you don’t know your policy number, ask your employer for it)
  • what has happened, where and when
  • the name and contact details of the hospital or clinic where the person is being treated
  • your own contact details

If you are injured because of a work-related accident during your journey, you should inform your employer about it immediately. Your employer will notify the relevant insurance company, so that the claim is registered also as a worker’s compensation claim. Your 24/7 assistance partners will help you in acute situations abroad.

If you are injured in a traffic accident abroad, please contact our 24/7 assistance partner. In addition to arranging treatment for you, they will determine liability according to local regulations. The travel and assignment insurance will compensate your acute treatment.

If something happens, we will help you