Travelling and on assignment in the USA


When you start your assignment in the USA, you should contact our local assistance partner and register yourself as a member in their system. This makes the process smoother, when you contact them again if you need a medical appointment.

On short business journeys this pre-approval is not necessary, although you should always be in contact with our assistance partner before seeking medical assistance in the USA.

Medical treatment in the USA

Treatment in the USA in general is very expensive and the insurance field works in a different way than what many of us are used to. Therefore, it is essential that you contact our assistance partner before you seek medical assistance in the USA, whether you are on assignment or traveling on business.

You will find their contact information on your insurance card.

Our assistance partners have a wide network of clinics where the quality has been controlled and the price levels are reasonable.

They are on duty 24 hours a day and they will advise you of the nearest co-operative physician, assist in arranging a verification of benefits (guarantee of payment) to the clinic and take care of any special arrangements if necessary related to the journey home.