Consolidating expertise

If establishes competence centres within several areas.

As the largest general insurance company in the Nordic countries, If wants to give its industrial clients good advice in the area of risk management, amongst others.

Thus, the collaboration between the specialist communities of the different countries is now being strengthened to provide clients with better access to expertise within business interruption, natural hazards and cyber risks, among other areas.

Cross border

"Through competence centres we utilise the best resources and skills without having borders," says Jukka Forssén, Head of UW Property Nordic at If Industrial.

"The best of our expertise and knowledge from If Industrial is gathered and transferred to practical services, tools and products, which improve our ability to provide optimal solutions for our clients. We are a truly Nordic company, which is our strength. We have underwriting specialists, as well as claims, risk management and other specialists in all Nordic countries and also in the UK, Netherlands, France and Germany. Most of our clients are international and operate in multiple countries. Working across borders we can utilise the best of our expertise and skills to the benefit of our clients,” says Forssén.

Clients will benefit from improved services, such as risk management tools and lessons from losses – and enhanced insurance products that are better tailored to meet client needs. The knowledge is shared through client seminars, articles in If News and Risk Consulting and, of course, through direct client service and interaction with If's specialists.

Working across borders we can utilise the best of our expertise and skills to the benefit of our clients

Jukka Forssén, Head of UW Property, Nordic

International network

One area under rapid development is cyber risks. "We must therefore be able to constantly adjust our understanding of our clients' need. It is obviously important that decisions are made on the most optimal basis and aligned throughout the Nordics. This will be ensured through the competence centre," says Kristine Birk-Wagner, Nordic Head of Casualty & Marine at If Industrial.

The clients will benefit in various ways: “They will have access to our highlyspecialised experts who have the expertise to support their IT security. They will be ensured products that are continuously evaluated and improved and, as always, a specialised claims team,” says Wagner. Sirpa Peura is Nordic Head of EB & Motor Underwriting at If Industrial. She emphasises how knowledge and knowledge exhange will benefit the client. 

“The competence centre for travel and expats has a strong cooperation with If’s international network, and knowledge is shared in various forums with other underwriting units in both If Industrial and If Commercial business areas. It ensures the quality of our work for clients and brokers,” says Peura.

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