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The natural hazard map in If Login is a game-changer

The new risk map in the If Login client portal now highlights natural hazard risks from around the world.

The updated map brings value to the users providing them with the possibility to see all the risks that may impact their company’s various sites and locations in a single map. As an example, the map now helps users see how a specific location can be exposed by floods or earthquakes. By coupling the data relating to natural hazards with that of our client’s insurance solutions, we can offer a world map view, through the customers eyes.

Preventive risk management

Known natural hazard risks affect both the availability of cover and pricing of insurance solutions. It also helps customers to plan and develop preventive risk management actions to help prepare for any such hazards, should they materialize.

The purpose of the added functions in If Login is to increase awareness and understanding of the potential risks as well as engage with clients in continuous dialogue to help them manage the potential risks.

According to Fredrik Holmqvist, Head of Risk Management, Denmark “Being prepared to prevent, respond to, and recover rapidly from natural catastrophes can save lives and protect your assets. Knowing your exposures is the first step in securing your preparedness and developing an Emergency plan and Business Continuity Plan.

The hazard maps provided in If Login have proven to raise awareness about potential exposures and encourage our clients to evaluate potential risks in more detail, together with our underwriters and risk engineers. Often a site visit and the use of more detailed assessment tools are needed to get a comprehensive understanding of the overall exposure.

Many of our clients have learned that emergency preparedness requires attention not just to specific types of hazards but also to steps that increase preparedness for any type of hazard.”

Value-adding data

The natural hazard information is provided using the Swiss Re CatNet® Web Map Services (WMS). Clients can view all their Marine Cargo locations with storage values and Property locations with their insured sums. It is also possible to ma­nage information concerning expatriates and their families from around the world.

We have recently also included Liability policies on the map, giving a quick view of all clients’ business locations and insurances around the globe.

The natural hazard map in If Login is currently on trial.

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