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Keeping track of your claims process

Large companies can have many hundreds of claims a year. As the number of claims increases, it can be challenging to keep track of the claims process. This includes important process steps such as: what loss was reported and when, what was said to the claims handler, how far has the insurer got in processing a specific claim, and so on.

Until now, this may have been a demanding and labour-intensive process, however If Login has recently introduced some features to unlock a more seamless way of working.

If has been analysing the registration process from the client’s point of view. The outcome is a new way of using the client portal If Login to let the client control the entire process for all their company’s claims.

The claim registration starts with easy-to-fill forms in which all known data about the client and the policy is prefilled. “Draft” and “share” functions let the user co-work with colleagues, if many people’s input is needed to describe the claim correctly.

A registration can also be made very easily from a smartphone, with which the user can take pictures directly with the camera and attach them to the registration.

Once posted to the claims handler, all activities can be followed in real time via an activity log.

So far so good, but the unique thing is the communication part, in which a dialogue can take place between the client and the claims handler. Files such as policy reports, PDFs, or pictures can be sent back and forth, all tracked in the activity log.

Tracking claims in an easy way

Several persons at the client company can participate in the dialogue if necessary, and they can also receive notifications by email when something changes in the process or when more info is needed. A daily summary mail on all claims activity is also sent, so no one involved will miss any detail.

Once the claim is closed, communication and activities remain accessible, so follow-up is easy, if needed. All in a safe, secure, and compliant way.

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“This is excellent and just what we need. We used to send emails to the claims handlers, but we never really knew what was happening and if someone really was working on our claim. This solution solves that issue.”

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