Sharing knowledge: Hazard Info Sheets

If P&C has a dedicated team of engineers who provide guidance on risk mitigation in a range of disciplines and occupations.

To share our knowledge and facilitate communication with our partners and clients, we provide Hazard Info Sheets that deal with some of the risks common to almost any industry.

The sheets briefly describe the risk in question and give clear and easily understandable
advice on how to reduce it. You can browse our Hazard Sheets and other helpful documents and checklists on our website.

The aim of the Hazard Sheets is to spread awareness of typical risks – general information on how to avoid and mitigate them. We encourage companies and partners to distribute the sheets within their organizations. The documents can be used as discussion materials in morning meetings, published on information boards in factories and intranets, or distributed to employees and contractors assigned to your premises.

Hazard Sheets are compiled by our expert engineering team to help clients of all types better understand the risks in whatever industry they are working.

Among the Hazard Sheets we currently hold in our library is the Battery Charging Sheet, which explains why battery charging is a common fire hazard. Another example is the Hot Work Sheet, which outlines why Hot Work is a major fire risk in almost all industries, while the Hydraulic Oil Sheet describes the common risks facing hydraulic oil installations. We intend to develop our library of common hazards, drawing on experience of losses that we have processed here at If P&C and in dialogue with our partners.

Hazard Info Sheets are advisory in nature, provide a general introduction to risks and should not be relied on as a source of professional advice on any specific issue or situation. Our engineers will elaborate on the related topics in more detail with our clients, to find the most suitable solutions for specific situations.

Please visit our internet page to see if there are any Hazard Info Sheets that could be informative for your organization. The documents will also be available in our RM-library, and you are welcome to contact your If contact person and we will be happy to provide you with the Hazard Info Sheets that you are interested

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