If P&C and hot work

Hot work and the risks associated with this type of high-hazard work is an important focus area in our partnership with clients, for example, during risk surveys and other site visits.

A well-managed hot work procedure should be a well-established part of the risk management system for any company. However, the effectiveness of the management from a safety perspective varies considerably.

We see large differences between different countries, companies and industries, ranging from very well-organised locations, with well working systems and procedures to locations with no system or safety considerations at all. Failure to properly control hot work will result in a significantly increased fire risk.

A systematic hot-work procedure covering what must be done before, during and after the work is key to managing risk. The procedure should include training of personnel, risk assessments, hot work permits, fire watchers, etc. A systematic approach will reduce the probability of a fire loss considerably and hence reduce the risk of a long interruption to business, with potentially very large consequences for the company and even the entire group.

If has hot-work permit forms and guidance available in several different languages for our clients. We recommend our clients to use these, or a similar management system that is in
line with safety regulations, such as SFPA permit/checklist.

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Article by

Tobias Widell

Risk Engineer, If, Industrial, Sweden