A desirable service experience

If launched this fall (2017) its new self-service portal for large corporate clients and brokers.

It is designed to be mobile and tablet-friendly and usability experts have been involved from the very beginning to make sure If will provide a service that is as easy to use as possible.

The New If Login self-service portal, mixed with the open web and our cobranded extranets provides the capability to show information on all levels, from open, to semi-open, to a protected level. This means that all persons at a company will find useful information from us: from the employee who is interested in finding needed information of coverage for health insurance, to a fire engineer, or the payroll officer and of course the risk manager.

"The requirements for a self-service system for large corporations is complex as it must take into account many different users with different needs and access to information. We must provide a system that can differ amongst the users on many access levels, but still be easy to understand and use. I think we have succeeded in this", Technology Leader Anastasija
Krjukova says.

The New If Login contains all needed policy documents, invoices with payment status, overview of master programmes, reports and several notification possibilities – and more will come such as our library service, enhanced information of If's international network, and new risk management tools.

The vision is 'a desirable service experience'. "This means the users should not log in simply because they have to find some important document. Our services must be interesting, valuable and even fun to use", shares Project Manager Kristofer Palm.

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Marianne Wiinblad

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