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  1. Is the future a risk or an opportunity?

    06 June 2019
    Many globally transient phenomena, or megatrends, are currently in progress, ranging from environmental to technological and economic developments. From globalisation to climate change, these trends are making it increasingly difficult to predict the future. Heikki Aittokoski, foreign news reporter of Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, provided insights on this theme at If's Risk Management Day in Helsinki, in March.
  2. Current Risks in the World Economy

    23 April 2019
    The political and economic situation in the world is in constant flux with a lot of local and global events having their impact on the situation. We talked to Business Sweden Chief Economist Lena Sellgren about the current situation regarding the world economy and the risks to look out for.
  3. Covering the risks of the future

    03 December 2018
    If is known in the market as a competent insurance company that truly understands risks. To keep that position, we focus on and invest in developing our business – so we can change fast and meet our clients' expectations.
  4. The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

    01 May 2017
    New oblications : The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a U.S. law aimed at preventing tax avoidance by U.S. taxpayers through the use of offshore accounts. It entered into force in July 2014. Since then well over 100 countries have now signed up to Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) with the US to implement FATCA.​
  5. Employee Benefits for Indian Subsidiaries

    13 May 2013
    Social security is nearly non-existent in India. The only compulsory insurance cover that employers must take out to protect their employees is Workers’ Compensation.  As a consequence Indian companies try to attract a qualified workforce by offering Insurance packages as benefits. These include both accident and medical coverage for the whole family including the grandparents if they are living in the same household. Employee Benefits (EB) insurance is consequently the fastest growing area within commercial insurance.
  6. Risk Management – an integral part of a company’s culture

    02 April 2013
    Risk management and loss prevention are an essential part of any company's success. Thus, it is important that our clients receive full support from our risk management experts. That also gives us an opportunity to provide our clients with tools, good examples and success stories in this field.
  7. Returning to the roots of loss prevention

    02 April 2013
    Fire is one of the major risks in almost any warehouse. However, inspections of the warehouses used by a certain industrial sector, which were carried out in various parts of the world have revealed a number of deficiencies in fire prevention.