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  1. Cyber Risks for Industrial Control Systems

    10 November 2015
    If News 8/2015 Liability. ​Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are typically not on the radar of organizations when they consider their cybersecurity, at least not yet. Examples include SCADA, DCS and PLC systems typically used to control utilities, equipment and machinery.
  2. Planning for a product recall

    15 June 2015
    If News 5/2015 Liability. When something goes wrong with a product in a way that represents a potential risk of causing injuries, a product recall can be necessary. Recalls are typically related to a specific group of products. Foods and beverages, toys, electrical appliances, cars and car parts have all frequently been subject to recalls but virtually all products can be subject to a recall.
  3. When loss delays start-ups, insurance can help

    18 May 2015
    If News 4/2015 Property. The principal can cover him or herself against a loss in several ways. Principals can be careful when choosing contractors and suppliers to realize the project. They can require all parties of the project to ensure a high level of risk management during the project phases.
  4. Packing of goods - not just pretty wrapping

    13 April 2015
    If News 3/2015 Marine. It sounds simple enough: goods are to be packed so that they withstand the ordinary incidents of the insured transit. Yet cargo underwriters frequently encounter questions regarding the sufficiency of packing, e.g. who is liable for packing, does the packing have an impact on the coverage and to what extent.​​​​
  5. Managing risks in contracts

    09 March 2015
    If News 2/2015 Liability. Companies that don't focus on contract management often fail to meet expectations with regard to quality of product or service and handling risks.​​​​
  6. Strikes as Marine Cargo peril

    24 September 2014
    If News 7/2014 Marine. Bananas and other perishable goods might rotten due to a strike. A vessel might need to change its destination and take the goods on board to another port due to a strike at the original destination. In extreme cases strikers might set a warehouse on fire or damage the goods in terminals. Additional expenses can occur to the owners of the goods in a number of ways as a consequence.
  7. Delivering acute personal service worldwide

    13 August 2014
    If News 6/2014 Personnel. SOS International is a global outsourcing partner that provides services, which are designed to help companies prepare, plan and care for people who require acute personal assistance because of a crisis. Many large organisations have employees travelling around the world and SOS International works closely together with many stakeholders to help make the journey safe for everyone.
  8. Is your travel risk management agile enough?

    07 May 2014
    If News 4/2014 Personnel. Taking the next step in travel risk management might seem impossible or needless, since you’re already performing with outstanding results when it comes to actualized accidents, catastrophes or similar events involving your personnel. This is what many major Nordic globally or locally operating companies have thought – at least before we’ve had a short discussion with them about their level and needs of improvement in travel risk management. Has their success so far been just pure luck?
  9. Acts of War and Cargo Insurances

    09 April 2014
    If News 3/2014 Marine. Every now and then cargo owners and insurers are face to face with the question what war perils are covered and can be covered with cargo insurance. For obvious and very unfortunate reasons these questions are at the moment raised and hence it is worthwhile to have a little recap on this topic.
  10. Insurance Compliance for Global Business Travel programs

    10 February 2014
    If News 2/2014 Personnel. International work and travel are an integral part of the daily operations of multinational companies. The world economy is in a new phase of globalization where companies are turning away from the more mature markets and seek growth and lower production costs in more remote places.
  11. Containerized World and 18 000 TEU Challenges

    14 January 2014
    If News 1/2014 Marine. We have seen a number of container vessels suffering serious incidents and averages during past years; MSC Napoli, Rena, MOL Comfort, Hanjin Pennsylvania, Hyundai Fortune and Amsterdam Bridge to name a few.
  12. “Unlikely fires” occur when several factors collide

    11 December 2013
    Lessons from Losses 5/2013. Two large-scale conveyor fires have recently taken place in the Swedish pulp industry. The fires were substantially different in character and scope, but the lessons to be learnt from them are largely similar.
  13. Falling from height

    28 October 2013
    Lessons from Losses 4/2013. Work at height can be described as a work in any place, where a person could fall down and get injured when precautions are not taken. This description applies to most industrial workplaces and is – and has been – a major reason for many fatal accidents.
  14. Road haulier’s liability

    29 September 2013
    Liability Newsletter 1/2013. If insures a great number of companies specializing in transporting goods around the world. This includes not least a lot of road hauliers’ transporting goods between different destinations on land.
  15. As we live longer, how will our health fare?

    21 May 2013
    Will we grow old, get sick and die in the same way as our forefathers? Hardly – while new diseases are on the increase, others are in decline. You are very likely to live longer, remain healthier and work longer than your parents. But, who will take care of us or pay the bill?
  16. Employee Benefits for Indian Subsidiaries

    13 May 2013
    Social security is nearly non-existent in India. The only compulsory insurance cover that employers must take out to protect their employees is Workers’ Compensation.  As a consequence Indian companies try to attract a qualified workforce by offering Insurance packages as benefits. These include both accident and medical coverage for the whole family including the grandparents if they are living in the same household. Employee Benefits (EB) insurance is consequently the fastest growing area within commercial insurance.
  17. How to prevent hydraulic oil fires

    09 April 2013
    Hydraulic oils are not generally considered a serious fire hazard, because they have high ignition temperatures. This amounts, however, to a false sense of security, since spraying hydraulic oil will burn just as fiercely as other hydrocarbons.
  18. Risk Management – an integral part of a company’s culture

    02 April 2013
    Risk management and loss prevention are an essential part of any company's success. Thus, it is important that our clients receive full support from our risk management experts. That also gives us an opportunity to provide our clients with tools, good examples and success stories in this field.
  19. Returning to the roots of loss prevention

    02 April 2013
    Fire is one of the major risks in almost any warehouse. However, inspections of the warehouses used by a certain industrial sector, which were carried out in various parts of the world have revealed a number of deficiencies in fire prevention.
  20. Turbine failures

    09 December 2012
    If P&C has over the years been involved in many claims due to turbine failures. To show the complexity and effects of such failures we would like to show you a practical example of one of our turbine claims.