Risk Management – an integral part of a company’s culture

Risk management and loss prevention are an essential part of any company's success. Thus, it is important that our clients receive full support from our risk management experts. That also gives us an opportunity to provide our clients with tools, good examples and success stories in this field.

​Risk managers and insurance managers deal with insurance and preventive activities associated with the company's insurance programmes, but that is not all. They also deal with internal training, in order to make risk management and loss prevention an integral part of the company's culture. 

The ongoing work with internal information and training aims to keep everyone aware of the risks and to emphasise the importance of preventive measures as an integrated part of the daily operations.

We have set ambitiously high standards for ourselves with regard to competence and risk evaluation tools to the benefit of our clients. We assign a risk management specialist to each client, with the responsibility for coordinating and delivering on all services agreed with your company.

These services can include for example:

  • On-site surveys and other risk evaluations with accompanying loss prevention reports with risk improvement recommendations.
  • Annual property loss prevention summaries with benchmarking evaluations.
  • Management briefings on current cargo and liability risks and on health & safety issues.
  • Professional advice on a daily basis.

Stay updated on risk management related issues

Our experience has shown that nearly 85 % of incidents involving a loss could have been prevented. Therefore we regularly share information regarding lessons from losses, industry loss drivers, emerging risks and loss prevention solutions.

You can find examples and success stories in this field in Risk Consulting Magazine and in If News, our risk management related Newsletters.

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