Managing risks through If Login

According to CNN, tropical storms, cyclones and hurricanes are increasingly deadly and growing in intensity around the world. One example is the super typhoon Haishen moving towards the Korean peninsula, the third typhoon in this region within a two-week period.

If Login risk map

Risk map showing the locations of the company's warehouses, offices and employees and if there are any natural catastrophes in those areas.
If Login risk map provides an overview, which supports planning, identifying problem areas and allows us to put increased focus on relevant risks and losses. The natural hazard map in If Login showing super typhoon Hashen over the Korean peninsula.

Worldwide overview

Our digital service, If Login, provides an overview of earthquakes and tropical cyclones worldwide. The risk map supports you in managing your risks better by merging Swiss Re and Global Disaster Alerting Coordination System (GDACG) data with specific information as e.g. your property locations and employees working abroad. The unique insight increases awareness and provides an overview of potential risks.  

Tracking extreme weather

Our latest update provides a real-time overview of earthquakes and tropical storms and highlights when potential risks are approaching areas close to client locations. These ongoing natural catastrophic events are displayed in If Login and provide insights into the impacts both locally, as well as globally.

To better visualise the data, If Login has been updated with visual improvements to charts and graphs. With this information, our clients have more data to help plan and respond to threats while supporting employees at the specific location.

For companies with operations across multiple locations around the world, If Login provides real-time weather-related insights that are relevant to each specific location.

Companies working with global programs are thereby provided with a holistic view of their operations. This brings several benefits to them in terms of keeping track of ongoing events and ensuring that every necessary precaution is considered.

Claim visuality upgrade

Claim report visualisation has also been added to If Login, allowing for a quick view of claims per location. This functionality allows for increased intelligence and support by providing insights into the claims that are in process at each location.


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