Travel and expatriate claims in Sweden

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We are processing personal data of our customers in compliance with the applicable insurance and data protection legislation. More information about processing personal data can be found at Handling of personal data and data privacy.

Claims handling

Claims are handled by If in Sweden

Telephone: +46 771 815 818

Address: If 200, 106 80 Stockholm

If you have questions regarding your claim please contact us and give the following information: Your name Policy number SPxxxxxx-xxxx Telephone.

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In case of emergency

When every second counts

Call the local public emergency number for urgent assistance. When the most acute situation is handled, call SOS International for further assistance. If the local public emergency number is inaccessible, immediately call SOS International.

In case of acute serious illness, accidental injury or repatriation

Always contact SOS International for assistance with hospital treatment and payment guarantees for treatments covered by the insurance. Upon contact you should always state the insurance policy number: SPxxxxxx

SOS International

Telephone: +46 8 792 71 31 

Telefax: +46 8 792 71 80

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