Managing Occupational Health & Safety Risks

When assessing occupational safety, key occupational accident and health risks are identified. In addition, measures performed to manage the risks are inspected, and suggestions for improvements are presented.

Our risk management experts use the following tools to assess the occupational safety risks and performance of the client:

Health and Safety Navigator

The risks and improvement areas of health and safety are reviewed in a dialogue with the client's health and safety representatives by using a checklist. The client will receive an overview of the strengths and weaknesses in health and safety at work, as well as our opinion of the most important actions to improve the health and safety performance.

Claims statistics

Claims statistics provide the client with reports about the frequency and severity of the accidents and occupational diseases caused by the risks of the company. Our client-specific statistics focus on the areas of the injury sources and benchmark the risks of the client in concern to the safety performance of the industry. To the most part the statistics are available in our internet service and updated continuously. In addition, our safety experts make tailored statistical descriptions when needed.

An hour for safety management

An hour for safety management is our management briefing specially for the clients' top management teams. Our risk management expert discusses the health and safety management situation of the company using our statistics and service reports. The topics discussed usually focus on personal safety and workers' comp insurance, but the event may also focus on other risk areas, e.g. property and liability risks.

Occupational Safety ASKELMA®

At the meeting led by the If risk management consultant, the experts and managers of the client company discuss the occupational health and safety risks and activities, using checklists, walk-throughs and interviewing employees. The results will be summarised in the report produced by the If representative. In the report the safety management performance, safety and health risk management and work injury indicators are assessed to derive the recommendations for the improvements towards a zero-accident culture. A self-assessment version is available via our Internet services for internal use in the company.