Hazard Info sheets

Improve your loss prevention level

Within Property and Business Interruption risks, we are committed to help you in improving your loss prevention level and thus, preventing losses from incurring.

The Hazard info sheets deal with some common risks present in almost any industry. The sheets briefly describe the risk in question and give clear and easily understandable advice about how to reduce the risk.

Hazard info sheets

Solar panels on roofs (pdf, 214 KB)

Battery charging (pdf. 106 KB)

Hot work (pdf, 228 KB)

Hydraulic oils (pdf, 141 KB)

Outdoor storage (pdf, 297 KB)

Plastic insulation (pdf, 176 KB)

Snow loads (pdf, 133 KB)

Storage of gas cylinders (pdf, 180 KB)

Thermographic surveys (pdf, 111 KB)

Vacant buildings (pdf, 155 KB)

Domestic electrical equipment in industrial setting (pdf, 487 KB)

Fire doors and shutters (pdf, 117 KB)

Penetration in fire rated walls (pdf, 237 KB)

Protection of rooms with critical IT equipment (pdf, 124 KB)