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We take a comprehensive approach to fully understanding the insurance and risk management requirements of your company. Working actively together with you, on site, to support your organisation, we recommend risk improvement solutions that are down to earth, practical and cost effective.

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Risk Management Services at glance

For the benefit of our clients we have set ambitiously high standards for ourselves with regards to competence and risk evaluation tools. As our client, you will be designated a risk management specialist, with the responsibility for coordinating and delivering on all services agreed with your company. At a glance, our service range comprises:

  • On-site surveys and other risk evaluations with accompanying loss prevention reports. These reports, with risk improvement recommendations, are sent to clients within three weeks of each visit.
  • Annual property loss prevention summaries with benchmarking evaluations
  • Management briefings on current cargo and liability risks
  • Management briefings on Health & Safety issues
  • Risk management loss reports for major property claims
  • Professional advice on a daily basis. This includes advice on construction projects, plant extensions or modifications, contractual advice concerning liability, technical advice on securing the load in special transportation situations, advice on Health & Safety.
  • Regular information sharing regarding lessons from losses, industry loss drivers, emerging risks and loss prevention solutions.

Property and Business Interruption Risks

Managing Property and Business Interruption Risks

In an analysis of property and business interruption risks observations, interviews and company documents are used to identify the company's property risks with the desired level of detail.

Property risks analysed include e.g. fire, breakage, process and chemical risks, as well as construction and installation risks. Business Interruption risks involve property and interdependency risks, and the related analysis involves a survey of the clients' various risk areas. Based on the agreed scope and the analysis, measures to reduce and eliminate risks are presented. Our services include the following:

Risk Surveys

Risk Surveys are analyses of property and business interruption risks which aid in defining insurance solutions and risk pricing, as well as in issuing risk management recommendations. Also interdependency risk are assessed and discussed in the reports and recommendations.

Loss Prevention reports

Loss Prevention reports include down to earth and easy to understand advice on how to improve the loss prevention level and prevent losses from incurring.

Tailor-made Property and Business Interruption Risk Surveys

Tailor-made Property and Business Interruption Risk Surveys are performed on a customer-specific basis using different risk assessing methods, one of which is the If Property Navigator.

Construction Projects including Investment Negotiations

Risk Management Services for Construction Projects including Investment Negotiations are arranged during investment and process planning phases and during significant transition periods. At these negotiations, If's experts consult plans to take personal accident, property, liability, data and transport risks into consideration in relation to work site risks and risks connected to completed facilities and processes.

constriction site

​Improve your loss prevention level

Hazard info sheets

Information and advice about common property damage and business interruption risks.

Hazard info sheets


Impairment notification

Operating fire protection systems are important in safeguarding your property and business. Therefore, they should not be impaired unless absolutely necessary.

In cases where you need to impair (disconnect) an automatic fire detection or sprinkler system or parts of these for a longer period than 24 h, If P&C Insurance should be informed. Impairment notification forms

Cargo Risks

Managing Cargo Risks

The starting point of a cargo risk survey may be an individual cargo transport, a project-like transport entity or the customer's worldwide export field.

A good starting point for a successful transportation is reliance on high-quality transport operators, but the cargo risks should be surveyed first so that the related requirements can be set accordingly. Cargo risk analysis also involves judicial issues such as transport and cargo liability. Cargo risk analyses are generally tailored according to the needs of the customer. Below some of the main cargo risk management areas.

Claims Statistics Analysis

The Claims Statistics Analysis is a basic element in the survey of risks connected to streams of goods. This analysis is based on the claims history of various fields: forest, metal, electronics and chemical industries, trade etc.

Warehouse Risk Analysis

The Warehouse Risk Analysis is a risk survey method used for the analysis of risks relating to the intermediate storage of streams of goods. The tool used is the If Warehouse Navigator.

Analysis of the Handling, Loading and Unloading of Goods
The Analysis of the Handling, Loading and Unloading of Goods involves a survey and assessment of methods used and suggestions for improvements.

Transport Legal Risk Analysis

The Transport Legal Risk Analysis (freight and logistics contract analysis) refers to an analysis with an agreed scope of companies' logistics, transport and freight contracts.

Shipping Terms

In risk analyses connected to Shipping Terms (Incoterms), the focus will be on the criteria and significance of the selection of a suitable clause based on the customer's logistics, the obligation to insure and the linking of the clause to transport contracts.

​Means of Transportation Consultancy

Means of Transportation Consultancy is based on a global mercantile fleet data file, which provides significant risk information about an individual vessel's risk history.

Port Consultancy

Port Consultancy is based on a global port data file, which provides extensive information about all routes and ports in the world.

Technical Service

Technical Service refers to loading and vessel inspections, as well as loading, packaging and transportation guidance.​

Towing information form

Towing information should be sent to marine cargo underwriters to provide them with necessary information for risk assessment - ahead of a barge shipment or a towing operation.

The towing information form

Liability Risks

Managing Liability Risks

A liability risk involves the threat of the company or individual having to bear the consequences of damage or of breaching standards due to operations, a product, an act or neglect.

A liability risk survey involves the analysis, through interviews and review of documents, of the company's key liability risks. The liability risk survey can cover all of the company's liability risks or only those of agreed sectors. The tool used is the If Liability Navigator.

General Liability risk

General Liability risk refers to the risk of the company's operations causing damage to the company's employees, contractual parties or third parties.

Product Liability risk

Product Liability risk refers to the risk of a product launched by the company causing damage to a person or to other property.

Contractual risk

Contractual risk refers to the risk of contracts not being fulfilled properly or within the agreed time limit, which can result in losses and other consequences for the company.

The survey may also focus on the liability of the service provider, environmental liability, liability for the breach of an intangible right and Directors' and Officers' liability.

Occupational Health and Safety Risks

Managing Occupational Health & Safety Risks

When assessing occupational safety, key occupational accident and health risks are identified. In addition, measures performed to manage the risks are inspected, and suggestions for improvements are presented.

Our risk management experts use the following tools to assess the occupational safety risks and performance of the client:

Health and Safety Navigator

The risks and improvement areas of health and safety are reviewed in a dialogue with the client's health and safety representatives by using a checklist. The client will receive an overview of the strengths and weaknesses in health and safety at work, as well as our opinion of the most important actions to improve the health and safety performance.

Claims statistics

Claims statistics provide the client with reports about the frequency and severity of the accidents and occupational diseases caused by the risks of the company. Our client-specific statistics focus on the areas of the injury sources and benchmark the risks of the client in concern to the safety performance of the industry. To the most part the statistics are available in our internet service and updated continuously. In addition, our safety experts make tailored statistical descriptions when needed.

An hour for safety management

An hour for safety management is our management briefing specially for the clients' top management teams. Our risk management expert discusses the health and safety management situation of the company using our statistics and service reports. The topics discussed usually focus on personal safety and workers' comp insurance, but the event may also focus on other risk areas, e.g. property and liability risks

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