Health insurance for Swedish companies

Protect your employees against the unexpected.

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  • Reduce sick leave

    Your employees will gain fast access to top specialists.

  • Decrease financial impact

    The company and the employee will benefit from shorter sick leave.

  • Brand attraction

    Valued benefits will motivate your current staff and attract new employees.

Specialist care when you need it most

The waiting times to specialist care varies greatly between Swedish municipalities.

The norm within the public health care system is that the waiting times for specialist care is about 100 days. On the contrary, within the insurance, the average waiting time for  a first visit to a specialist is  normally within 3 days.

Ensuring immediate contact with high quality care will help your employees stay healthy and therefore shorten sickness duration.

Our claims handling gets a mark of 9/10

We hire experienced nurses who will help guide you through your medical needs. You can contact us by phone, chat or e-mail.

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