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What happens if someone on an assignment abroad needs healthcare, suffers from flooding or is affected by something else that they would normally have insurance for in Sweden?

  • Comprehensive cover

    including the employee’s accompanying family members.​

  • Tailor-made insurance solutions.
  • An emergency service open 24/7.

It is important to ensure you have the same security abroad. Our insurance for assignments abroad provides both the employee and their family with comprehensive insurance cover – just as good as at home.

Same insurance cover at home and abroad​

Insurance for assignments abroad is designed for staff who will be working abroad for at least one year and it provides secure, comprehensive cover – including the employee's accompanying family members. It provides compensation for example, for healthcare, medication and dental treatment, and for those suffering from financial difficulties resulting from an accident.

The insurance also includes cover for the employee's possessions, accidental damage cover for personal property in their residence at the place of assignment and also provides compensation for every day the employee is hospitalised.

The insurance does not cover injuries resulting from elite sport or dangerous activities. Nor does it fully apply to those countries to which the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has advised against travel.​

Adapt the insurance to meet your needs

We can individually tailor-make the insurance cover according to where and how long the employee will be assigned abroad. You can also choose the level of deductible.​

Health declaration

We need to know the health condition of the insured before the insurance cover starts. Even if the person is not fully fit, we can often offer an insurance solution with certain restrictions.

  • Countries which are not recommended to travel to

    Read more about countries which are not recommended to travel from the  Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

  • SOS International

    An emergency service open 24/7. SOS International emergency service is always available if something happens. The staff there speak over 30 languages, and it has its own doctors and a network of over 10,000 healthcare providers around the world. 

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