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Accident Insurance – a sound choice for both your company and your employees.

  • An excellent supplement to your company insurance.
  • Tailor-made insurance solutions.
  • Worldwide cover for disability and death.

Many companies and organisations have little or no insurance cover for their employees in the event of an accident. Good cover is particularly important for hazardous industries and activities. Accident insurance is a tailor-made solution for companies that need extended protection. It is also suitable for temporary events.​

Accident Insurance that provides comprehensive cover

A person can receive compensation for example for healthcare, medication, travel costs, dental treatment, rehabilitation. Compensation will also be given for medical and economical disability.

Adapt Accident Insurance to meet your needs

Tailor-make accident insurance to your company's needs. You can choose who you want to insure, the level of coverage and the time. For example part time, during school hours or a specified period of time.

Add "pain and suffering"

Pain and suffering is an additional insurance cover that can be purchased for employees. It applies to sick leave of at least 25 per cent after the 31st day of sick leave. The compensation amount is determined by the Swedish Tort Liability Act.

Protect your most valuable assets

your employees.

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