Accident insurance for Norwegian companies

Protect your employees against the unexpected.

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  • Tailor-made insurance solution

    We will adapt the insurance to your needs.

  • Active claims handling

    To ensure a faster return to work.

Our accident insurance provides comprehensive coverage

If can provide several types of accident insurances for your employees and we can also offer extra add-ons that provide active claims handling thereby ensuring a faster return to work.

About accident insurance

Accident insurance consists of a basic product and a standard product. It can be agreed to only have disability coverage or disability coverage with death coverage.

man having a cast in his leg.

Disability Coverage

Disability coverage is the agreed compensation for medical disability. If agreed, this can include the right to double compensation for disability degree of 51% or more. It can also be agreed to give right to a higher lump-sum payment when the injury affects the insured's hands, eyesight or hearing. Compensation of medical expenses is covered up to 5 % of the agreed sum insured for medical disability.

Death Coverage

Death covarage is the agreed compensation in case of death.

Who is insured

Accident insurance is valid for person named in the policy under accident insurance, as long as he/she is permanently resident in Norway according to the National Register and is a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.

Remote work

Many companies allow their employees to work from home. It is important for the employer to consider what accidents can happen in the home. With our insurance the employees will be fully covered irrespective of if they are in the office, travelling to the office, at home or visiting a client.