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Workers' compensation insurance is part of Norwegian social security and it concerns all employees.

Personnel insurance is a collective concept for various types of insurance with standard workers' compensation insurance as a starting point. ​

Workers compensation is mandatory and covers all employees irrespective of whether or not they are full or part-time employed. All compensations are lump sum payments.The mandatory workers compensation scheme is governed by “lov om yrkesskadeforsikring” and applies for accidents as well as diseases incurred as a result of work.

The workers' compensation scheme can also be extended to cover​ non-occupational accidents and diseases.

The content of Leisure Accident and Illness Insurance Super Standard Basic Workers' Compen-sation

Permanent injury illness


​Disability disease


Disease death

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​Incapacity leisure accident

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Permanent injury leisure accident

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Death leisure accident

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Psychological first aid

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​Permanent injury occupational

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​Incapacity occupational

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Death occupational

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Leisure accident and other illnesses insurance

Cover for non occupational accidents and illnesses.

​The traditional extensions to the workers compensation scheme cover non occupational accidents and illnesses. These extensions are common in the Norwegian market as most disability and death incidents are not caused by occupational hazards.

​If can provide the client with an insurance program according to each clients’ need. A client can choose to extend with both leisure accident and other illness, or select only one of the two covers. The compensations within the extension are lump sum payments and covers.​​​

Medical disability

Medical disability

Compensation for permanent injury is a lump sum given by permanent disablement, regardless of ability to work and income. With medical disability means permanent damage or injury that does not necessarily reduce working capacity, but reduces the quality of life. The degree of disability is determined by the Ministry of Social Affairs disability table.

Compensation amounts stated are paid at 100% disability. Is the degree of disability less than 100%, compensation is reduced accordingly.​​​

Medical expenses

Medical expenses

Covers expenses that are recommended by your doctor for medical disability.

Excess treatment costs of 1000 kr.​​​

Work disability claims

For permanent disability due to accident or illness

Lump sum compensations for work disability. The compensation shall cover future losses of income when the employee no longer has the ability to perform paid work due to total or partial disability. The amount of compensation is determined by income, age and degree of disability. Compensation amounts stated are paid at 100% disability.

Payout occurs when the disability is considered to be permanent and by more than 50% disability. If disability level is lower than 100%, compensation will be reduced accordingly.​

Psychological first aid

​Psychological First Aid - psychologist assistance

Provides up to 10 hours psychologist assistance. It can be administered to individuals or groups, the psychological reactions caused by ex. traffic accident, work accident, robbery or other traumatic events for the employee and family. ​​​

Death claims

Death Claims of spouse, partner or children

Death compensation paid to a spouse or cohabitant. If not insured leaves a spouse or partner, compensation is paid to the estate and normal inheritance rules apply.

The child supplement is paid to dependent children under 20 years.​​​​

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