Additional Employee Benefits

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Cover your employees with additional employee benefit insurances.

In a​ddition to the traditional employee benefit insurances If offers your company also other insurances to supplement the insurance coverage of your employees.

  • Broad supplementary cover for your employees.

  • Fast claims handling.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance 

Critical illness insurance entitles to a pre-defined lump-sum payment if the insured suffers an illness that is covered by insurance.

The insurance gives you financial freedom in a difficult time. ​​

Prolonged Illness Insurance

Prolonged Illness Insurance

Prolonged illness insurance will entitle to a lump-sum payment (G all times) based on the insured's long-term illness.

It may be agreed upon one or more payments subsequent to the following prolonged-illness interval:

  • Prolonged illness 18 months
  • Prolonged illness 24 months
  • Prolonged illness 30 months
  • Prolonged illness 36 months
  • Prolonged illness 42 months
  • Prolonged illness 48 months ​

Group Accident Insurance

Group Accident Insurance

Group accident insurance covers medical disability and death and offers a lump sum compensation for accidents affecting workers who are members of the Norwegian National Insurance when the accident occurs. The company chooses sums to be insured for the employees.

Compensation may be paid to the employees or the one left behind. The insurance can apply the whole day, or during working hours and/or spare time. Group accident insurance may also include the employee's spouse, partner, children and registered partner.

What is included in Group Accident Insurance?

  • Group accident basic includes permanent injury and medical expenses due to accident and psychological first aid.
  • Group accident Standard includes deaths from accidents in addition to the group accident basic coverage.

Loss of Licence Insurance

Loss of Licence Insurance

Loss of licence insurance is an insurance against loss of licence in occupations that require the approval of a doctor. For example, pilots are dependent on the licence in order to continue the career.

Loss of licence insurance provides lump sum compensation to the employees who lose or gets denied renewal of their licence/certificate due to illness, injury or other medical cause.

Loss of licence insurance is most common in shipping, aviation and offshore.​​

Sick Pay Insurance

Sick Pay Insurance

If one or more of your employee's get long-term sick, we cover the difference between what is paid by NAV and the employee's salary. This provides extra security for both the company and the employee.

This is covered by Sick Pay Insurance

Sick pay insurance covers employees' salaries above 6G in the period of illness, up to 365 days, minus the waiting period of 16, 30, 60, 90 or 180 days (deductible).

What is Sick Pay Insurance?

Sick pay insurance is most applicable to small and medium enterprises, where prolonged sick leave by a few persons may threaten the ability to pay sick pay from business operations.

Coverage in Workers' Compensation Insurance

The insurance shall cover the individual's salary after deduction of 6G (G all times). The term "wages" shall be defined in the policy. Payment will be made after the expiry of the agreed waiting period. Compensation is paid to the policyholder (employer) according to the medical certificate degree of sick leave.

Sick pay insurance can be purchased by businesses with fewer than three employees, where one employee salaries exceed 6G. Sick pay insurance covers all employees who earn more than 6G.

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