Global Business Travel Insurance for Finland

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Global Business Travel insurance for Nordic corporate business travellers.

​​Our international insurance policies have been designed to meet your company's individual needs and to satisfy your requirements for a high level of quality.

The insurance can be taken for certain groups of personnel or by countries, taking the local taxation and legislation into consideration. 

  • Compliant, tailor-made insurance solutions

    to meet the needs of your employees.​

  • Carefully selected clinics and hospitals

    to help you to take care of the well-being of your travelling employees.​​

  • Worldwide service

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For the safety

of your travels

Please contact us before travelling to war risk or dangerous areas.

Kindly see the list in our travel portal

Report travel related claims and print out beneficiary and other forms in our travel portal

Tailor-made insurance solutions

Premium calculation can be based on travelling days or on the number of the personnel. The insurance is valid worldwide during business journeys. The policy can be extended to cover also leisure time journeys.

The insurance policies are tailor-made to meet the needs of your company's personnel. Before departure, please check your scope of the insurance from your employer or from If.​

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Travel safety for our customers

When you are a customer, you will have access to the SOS Travel Security Portal. You can find the login instructions in your Insurance Policy.

The portal is in English. It is maintained and developed by SOS International. The portal contains country specific risk data and information about preferred clinics and hospitals. 

When is the insurance in force

When is your insurance in force?

Your traveller's insurance is in force during the journeys specified in the Insurance Policy.

The journey begins when you leave your home or place of work and ends when you return there.

The insurance is valid outside the principal employment municipally when the employer pays the expenses.

Which sicknesses are covered?

Which sicknesses are covered by the Global Business Travel Insurance?

A sickness during a journey is a sudden and unexpected sickness which has occurred during the journey and which has required immediate medical treatment during the journey.

Sickness during a journey does not include a sickness which has shown symptoms before the journey.

Applying compensation

Do you need to apply for compensation from Finnish Social Insurance?

You do not have to apply for compensation for medical expenses under the Sickness Insurance Act from the Finnish Social Insurance Institution before claiming for indemnity from If when you are covered by the Finnish social security system.

However, if you do apply for compensation from the Social Insurance Institution first, take copies of the receipts for us. Send them, and the account of the Social Insurance Institution of the compensation paid, to us in connection with your claim.

If you do not apply for the compensation yourself, sign a letter of authority which you will find in our claim form, or the claim for compensation and the letter of authority which you will find on the reverse side of Finnish medical invoices. In this way we can apply for the part covered by the sickness insurance for the expenses we have paid for you.

If your Insurance card is not accepted

What to do if the insurance card is not accepted?

If a physician or a hospital does not accept your insurance card, pay for the expenses yourself. Then file a claim afterwards on our website.

If the case involves expensive treatment, ask the physician to send us a medical certificate, a treatment proposal and a cost estimate. Only after having received these can we give a written payment guarantee.

In case of serious sickness

In case of serious sickness

Contact us if you get a serious sickness.

In case of emergency, you can turn to SOS International in Copenhagen
Tel. +45 38 48 89 77
Fax +45 70 10 50 56.
Their consultant physician can negotiate with the hospital in the country of destination about the treatment and any special arrangements related to the return journey.

If you travel in the United States of America, Canada or South America, always contact Global Medical Management first.
Tel. 1 800 694 9483 (within USA)
+1 954 370 6404 (outside USA, Fax +1 954 370 8130)

They are on duty 24 hours a day and they will advise you of the nearest co-operative physician and take care of any special arrangements related to the journey home. You will find the contact data for example in your insurance card.

Sick before trip

If you fall sick before the journey

If your departure is entirely prevented due to an accident or sudden sickness, and you cannot travel on a doctor's order, we will indemnify the costs which the tour operator does not refund.

Sick on the way back

If you fall sick on the way back home

If you fall sick on the way back home or towards the end of the journey you can consult a physician in your home country immediately after you have returned from the journey.

Holiday in connection with business trip

Holiday in connection with a business trip

Your insurance may not be in force if you take a holiday in connection with a business trip.

Normally need insurance of your own for this period. Check the scope of your insurance with your employer.

Travel expenses to domicile

The travel expenses to domicile in an unexpected event

Will travel expenses to domicile be paid if a close relative has died or has fallen seriously sick?

If the death or sickness has occurred unexpectedly, we will pay tourist class tickets to your place of domicile or that of the close relative.

Attach the tickets and related purchase receipts to your claim, as well as an account of the family connection and death (for example, an extract from the population register or a copy of it) and a medical certificate in case of sickness.


Insurance cover during pregnancy

Does the insurance cover check-ups related to pregnancy during a business trip?

These costs are not indemnified because they are not related to the treatment of a sickness during a journey but to the surveillance of pregnancy. A business travel insurance does not cover health care expenses.

A sudden sickness during pregnancy can be indemnified as sickness during a journey. If the baby gets born during the journey, she or he is not covered by mother's business travel insurance.

Dental care

Dental care during business trip

Will dental care arising from toothache be indemnified?

The insurance covers necessary treatment in the necessary emergency dental treatment for a sudden toothache given during the journey.

The insurance does not cover crowns or other prosthetic treatment. Subsequent care in the home country is not covered.

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