Global Business Travel Insurance for Finland

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Global Business Travel insurance for Nordic corporate business travellers.

  • Compliant, tailor-made insurance solutions

    to meet the needs of your employees.​

  • Carefully selected clinics and hospitals

    to help you to take care of the well-being of your travelling employees.​​

  • Worldwide service

    through our international co-operation partners.​

For the safety

of your travels

​​Our international insurance policies have been designed to meet your company's individual needs and to satisfy your requirements for a high level of quality.

The insurance can be taken for certain groups of personnel or by countries, taking the local taxation and legislation into consideration.

Tailor-made insurance solutions

Premium calculation can be based on travelling days or on the number of the personnel. The insurance is valid worldwide during business journeys. The policy can be extended to cover also leisure time journeys.

The insurance policies are tailor-made to meet the needs of your company's personnel. Before departure, please check your scope of the insurance from your employer or from If.​

Travel safety for our customers

When you are a customer, you will have access to the SOS Travel Security Portal. You can find the login instructions in your Insurance Policy.

The portal is in English. It is maintained and developed by SOS International. The portal contains country specific risk data and information about preferred clinics and hospitals. 

Protect your most valuable assets

your employees.

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