Business Travel insurance for Finnish companies

Protect your employees against the unexpected.

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  • Care at your destination

    We will provide high quality care through our emergency assistant partner or the partner of your choice.

  • Covers worldwide business trips

    Ensures that all employees are covered on all destinations.

Fulfill your duty of care

When travelling on business, whether domestic or abroad, the employee is exposed to risks which are outside the scope of what is covered by the regular business insurances or private home insurance.

This means that it is important to have good business travel insurance in order to fulfill your duty of care towards your employees on business travel.

persons boarding to a plane.

With business travel insurance, a company can insure its employees against travel-related accidents, illnesses, luggage claims, legal expenses claims, or liability claims. The insurance is valid either abroad, worldwide, or in the home country. It is possible to extend the insurance to cover also the employees’ leisure time traveling or their leisure travel days in connection with business journeys.

Adapt the insurance to meet your needs

Our tailor-made insurances will meet your needs. Our insurance solution is very flexible, adding or removing coverages can be done easily.

For the safety of your travels

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