Workers' compensation insurance for Danish companies

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Workers' compensation ensures the continuity of your business

A workers' compensation insurance is a statutory insurance in Denmark for companies with employees.

It provides compensation in the event of an accident or illness during or as a result of work. Workers' compensation insurance gives all employees a comprehensive insurance cover at work and quick access to care.

What is Danish Workers' compensation insurance?

Danish law states that all employees must be covered by occupational injury insurance i.e. the Workers' compensation insurance. 

Workers' compensation insurance is mandatory and covers all employees including full-time and part-time employees.

team of workers.

Employment Accidents Insurance Act

The mandatory workers' compensation is governed by the Employment Accidents Insurance Act, and provides cover for all employees and compensation is paid, for injuries resulting from an accident at work or an occupational disease.

What does Workers' compensation cover?

Workers' compensation covers occupational injuries and occupational diseases, meaning the insurance covers accidents that have occurred at work or on the way to or from work, as well as occupational diseases caused by work. 

The Workers' compensation insurance gives employees compensation in the events of:

  • occupational accidents or diseases
  • disabilities as a result of occupational accidents or illnesses
  • death due to work accident or illness. Death compensation is paid to a spouse or cohabitant. 

When you take Workers' compensation insurance from us, you will not be left behind in the queue. We guarantee that you and your employees receive immediate access to a specialist and surgery usually within 1-5 days.

What is included in the Worker's compensation insurance?

The workers' compensation includesmedical and research expenses paid, a daily allowance, accident pension and rehabilitation allowance, rehabilitation, inconvenience money for permanent injury, and family pension and funeral aid.