Accident insurance for Danish companies

Protect your employees against the unexpected.

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  • Peace of mind for your employees

    Peace of mind for your employees, many employees do not have a private accident insurance.

  • Supplement to a Workers’ Compensation insurance

    A good supplement to Workers’ Compensation insurance.

  • Tailor-made to your business needs

    A flexible insurance tailor-made to your business needs.

Our Accident insurance provides comprehensive coverage

As an employer it is important that you take care of your employees and thus offer personal accident cover to your employees.

Employee benefit 

Offering your employees an accident insurance is an employee benefit and worth emphasizing when promoting your company as a good workplace. The accident insurance is a good supplement to the Workers’ Compensation insurance.

We offer effective and quick claims handling, ensuring a faster return to work for your employees. 

We offer flexible cover

We offer the following cover solutions:

  1. 24/7 cover inclusive of leisure time cover, during sport activities and trjps (full time cover)
  2. During working hours, inclusive of transport to and from work
  3. In the leisure time

A Group Accident insurance includes/can provide

Group Accident insurance Super Standard Basis

The insurance offers compensation for permanent injury resulting from an accident.The amount of compensation depends on the degree of the permanent injury and the
sum insured.

Included Included Included

The insurance offers crisis counselling due to psychological acute crisis resulting from robbery, accident, assault, threats, burglary etc. Expandable content here

Included Included Included

The insurance offers compensation for death resulting from an accident. The amount of compensation is the sum insured.

Included Included Included

The insurance offers compensation for reasonable and necessary costs of dental treatment resulting from an accident.

Included Included

Include physiotherapy, chiropractor, or acupuncture in connection with rehabilitation after an accident. Expandable content here

Included Not included Not included