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If News - Personnel

  1. How to protect yourself from terrorism

    21 January 2018
    If News 6/2017 Personnel. Terror attacks are hard to predict, but terrorist expert Hans Brun does have a couple of tips to companies and industries that want to protect their businesses.
  2. The duty of care for Nordic companies

    12 October 2017
    If News 5/2017 What do you need to do to meet your employer's obligations towards your employees both home and abroad?
  3. What happens when your employee gets sick abroad?

    27 March 2017
    If News 1/2017 Personnel. If’s Industrial clients have thousands of business travelers all over the world every day. In addition, many have expatriates located in different countries. It is important that insurance cover is designed to fulfill the needs of travelling personnel. To support our insured persons If and its assistance partners seek to offer premium service with the human touch – at all times.
  4. U.S. health reform introduces new reporting requirements

    30 May 2016
    If News 3/2016 Personnel. The PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) reform requires all individuals living in the US to have a valid health insurance coverage, which is regarded as Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC).
  5. Check list for “I Travel”

    19 January 2016
    ​If News 1/2016 Personnel. Before my trip I copy contacts to Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar embassies that I got in a message from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. And please note; print them. A clever colleague said not to print as “you’ve got everything in your mobile!” Yes, exactly. But what if my phone doesn’t work? Or if it is stolen? Or if there is no reception? Most likely something WILL happen and I’ll want to call the embassy, or my mother or… ​
  6. Health insurance procurement from a Nordic perspective

    15 October 2015
    If News 7/2015 Personnel. If is the largest Nordic health insurer, with operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We purchase health services on behalf of our corporate clients’ employees for more than NOK 250M each year.
  7. U.S. Health Reform introduces new requirements for individuals and companies

    27 January 2015
    If News 1/2015 Personnel. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), often called Obamacare, was signed into law by Barack Obama in the year 2010. The purpose of the Act was to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable, quality health care while at the same time reducing health care costs via the government healthcare programs (Medicare/Medicaid).
  8. Is your travel risk management agile enough?

    07 May 2014
    If News 4/2014 Personnel. Taking the next step in travel risk management might seem impossible or needless, since you’re already performing with outstanding results when it comes to actualized accidents, catastrophes or similar events involving your personnel. This is what many major Nordic globally or locally operating companies have thought – at least before we’ve had a short discussion with them about their level and needs of improvement in travel risk management. Has their success so far been just pure luck?
  9. Insurance Compliance for Global Business Travel programs

    10 February 2014
    If News 2/2014 Personnel. International work and travel are an integral part of the daily operations of multinational companies. The world economy is in a new phase of globalization where companies are turning away from the more mature markets and seek growth and lower production costs in more remote places.
  10. Falling from height

    28 October 2013
    Lessons from Losses 4/2013. Work at height can be described as a work in any place, where a person could fall down and get injured when precautions are not taken. This description applies to most industrial workplaces and is – and has been – a major reason for many fatal accidents.
  11. As we live longer, how will our health fare?

    21 May 2013
    Will we grow old, get sick and die in the same way as our forefathers? Hardly – while new diseases are on the increase, others are in decline. You are very likely to live longer, remain healthier and work longer than your parents. But, who will take care of us or pay the bill?
  12. Occupational rehabilitation supports returning to work

    05 February 2013
    Lessons from Losses 1/2013. Every year in Finland, about 50,000 unexpected occupational accidents, accidents happening on the way to or from work or occupational diseases occur to or are sustained by people insured by If’s Statutory Workers’ Compensation Insurance. About 1% of this figure can be classified as serious accidents, the consequences of which are that the workability of the employee is threatened.
  13. Fatal accident on a heating plant

    06 May 2012
    Two workers, one for the heating plant and the other one a truck driver, were emptying a load of stumps into a sieve when they heard a loud bang coming from the hammer crusher. The worker of the heating plant shut down the crusher and went inside to check what had caused the sound.
  14. The safe removal of snow and ice from roofs

    15 December 2010
    A roof structure is in danger of collapsing when the snow load on the roof is distributed unevenly. Snow builds up easily, e.g. between parallel gable roofs or arched roofs. A great amount of snow can also accumulate on flat roofs.
  15. Accidents with manlifts

    07 October 2010
    Lessons from Losses 7/2010. During the recent years, there have been quite a lot of fatal accidents with manlifts such as cherry pickers, scissor lifts and boom lifts. These accidents are due to negligence regarding safety measures and the improper use of lifts. This Lessons from losses describes some of these accidents and gives hints and instructions for the safe use of manlifts.
  16. Reducing crane fatalities

    27 August 2009
    Lessons from Losses 6/2009. Small steps to avoid fatal casualties.