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How to proceed in case of Liability Claim

In case of a liability claim, please proceed as follows to ensure that we at If can start handling the claim as soon as possible.

Notify the loss or damage to your Local Insurer immediately.
If you do not have contact details for your Local Insurer or a local insurance policy, you can contact If's contact person at the registered domicile of your company. In the USA or Canada, our co-operation partner is at your service.

Please always provide at least the following information:

  • Date and place of loss
  • Name of the claimant
  • Name of insured and parent company
  • Type and amount of the loss
  • Description of what has happened
  • Your own contact details (email, telephone number, address)
  • If applicable, please also provide the written claim presented against your company, technical clarification, information about your product or service involved in the loss, contract with the claimant or other relevant documents.

You can send us a written notice of loss by e-mail or using the contact form. All incoming e-mails are read and processed during office hours.

When in USA or Canada

In the USA or Canada, our co-operation partner is at your service. When in USA or Canada you can contact If's Network Partner Liberty Mutual.