About cookies on if-insurance.com

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer. It is used for saving your choices on our web site, eg what you have written in a form, and for If to learn more about how the web site is used.

It is only the web site that saves the text file that can read it, so no one else can get access to this information. The text file is not harmful, can’t contain a virus or program code and can’t be linked to a specific person or IP number.

What are cookies used for?

We are interested in this information to be able to give you as a user a better user experience and to get information and insights that we can use to make sure our web site is designed and developed to give you the best service possible.

Therefore, cookies are used when you fill in a form to make a price calculation or if you log into your pages on If’s site. They are also used to make it possible for you to chat with our customer support and for us to see how many visitors that fulfill or cancel their purchases on the web.

Accepting cookies

By using this web site you accept that we:

  • Gather information about how you use the web site, e.g. how often you visit the site and which pages you visit. No information that is stored can be linked to any specific person.

  • Store information about which web browser and hardware that are used when visiting our web site.

  • Customize web pages and their content according to information we have gathered at previous visits to our web site.

Information collected by cookies at the If web site can also be used to show certain ads when you visit other web sites on the Internet.

To stop receiving cookies

If you want to opt-out of having cookies stored on your computer, you can chose to never accept cookies in the security settings in your web browser. No cookies will be stored from If or any other web site, but you may also notice that some functions on our or other web sites does not work perfectly.

You can also change your browser settings so that you get a warning every time a site is trying to set a cookie and you can then decide for each cookie if you want to accept it or not.

More information about how you chose not to approve cookie storage is available at: http://www.aboutcookies.org

More information about customized ads based on your internet usage is available at: http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/

Information about the cookies used at if-insurance.com

These are some of the external web services that use cookies at our web site:

A platform for ads that gathers data to measure the effect of ads and how users behave at web sites in relation to ads provided. Adform is also used to identify interest in certain products and show more relevant ads to specific target audiences. Adform does not register any personal information and all the data it collects is anonymous. There’s more information on what data Adform uses on: http://site.adform.com/privacy-policy/en/.


Information stored in Celebrus, a web usage analysis tool, is used by If to understand how the web site is used. Data that is stored is e.g. the number of visits on specific pages and parts of the web site and how long a visit on a page lasts.

Google Analytics

A web usage analysis tool that gathers data about how the web site is used. Information that is stored is e.g. the hardware and software used to visit the site, which pages that are visited and for how long the user visits the site.

Google Tag Manager

A tool for efficient handling of scripts to make sure that that the If web site loads quickly in the user’s web browser.

More about cookies

According to the Swedish law about electronic communications from July 25 2003, all visitors should be informed when a web site use cookies and they also have the right to refuse cookies to be stored in their web browser.