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  1. Insight

    Emergency store and office shutdown

    An unplanned emergency shutdown, due to a catastrophic equipment failure, pandemic, strikes and riots, or other unforeseen sudden events usually happens when you least expect it.

  2. Article

    When the storm arrives

    Severe storms and hurricane seasons seem to be more a new normal than an anomaly. To better help clients, If has developed new ways to prepare for the risks.

  3. Article

    Climate change adaptation

    survey in Swedish municipalities Most municipalities in Sweden have just started with climate change adaptation, but it is a requirement by law.

  4. Article

    Wind of change

    The rise of renewables is one of the biggest changes in the global energy supply. Transmission capacity and networks play a central role in our future energy system, introducing also new and emerging risks.

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    Flood risk management must be stepped up

    As the climate is warming, companies must think more carefully where they carry out their operations. Thanks to its partner network, If can offer up-to-date information about flood risks and their management.