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  1. Report

    Critical Infrastructure Resilience in Sweden - Comparing Swedish critical infrastructures based on interruption data

    Elsa Axelsdóttir and Rasmus Jonason Bjärenstam, both students at Lund University, studying in the Division of Risk Management and Social Safety won the Swedish Risk Management Association (SWERMA) award in 2019, sponsored by If P&C Insurance. Their essay, Critical Infrastructure Resilience, compared Swedish critical infrastructures based on interruption data.

  2. Article

    Shutting down operations in an emergency from retail stores to production facilities

    An unplanned shutdown of operations, whether due to a strike, catastrophic equipment failure, a pandemic, or other unforeseen sudden events is always a difficult decision that is ultimately harmful to business operations. Often such incidents can occur when you least expect it. There is never a good time to be forced in to shutting down a retail store or operational facility. However, it is important that your site is prepared for an emergency shutdown and can be closed in a controlled way.

  3. Article

    COVID-19 disrupts supply chains

    The first months of 2020 opened with all Nordic countries enjoying healthy and strong economies, with a future set for growth and continued prosperity. However, in February and March the coronavirus COVID-19 reached Europe, virtually shutting down the continent over the course of few weeks.

  4. Insight

    Emergency store and office shutdown

    An unplanned emergency shutdown, due to a catastrophic equipment failure, pandemic, strikes and riots, or other unforeseen sudden events usually happens when you least expect it.