Katrine works as an underwriter trainee at If and in this article you will get to know here and the program a bit better. What is an underwriter doing and what was her first project period all about? Find out in the article below.

Name: Katrine Ravn
Trainee program: Underwriter Trainee
Background:  Master’s degree in business administration and commercial law from Copenhagen Business School. 
Location: Copenhagen

Why did you apply for the UW trainee program? 
I applied for the UW trainee program because I was curious about the insurance industry, and I wanted to learn the underwriting profession. However, at the time, I had not yet decided what kind of insurance I wanted to underwrite nor what I thought was particularly interesting within insurance. The UW trainee program seemed perfect as a starting point since it would allow me to try different lines of business and products while also learning about the insurance industry in general. Furthermore, I understood that underwriting is a very particular skill set, and it seemed that the trainee program would allow a steep learning curve while having all the help and guidance needed.

What is an UW trainee doing?
My tasks will differ on a day-to-day basis. Most days, I analyze, price, and draft quotations for new business tenders with the help of my UW colleagues. On other days, I will work on presentations and projects with my fellow UW trainees, primarily focusing on learning the different underwriting processes while pitching how these can be optimized. Other than that, my fellow UW trainees and I will attend learning seminars about insurance in general, usually by meeting physically in Stockholm or Oslo.

What is your project / first project period about? 
I spend my first project period in the Casualty team in Copenhagen. In the Casualty team, we underwrite general liability and product liability insurances, including recall and some financial lines products. Overall, it is about providing coverage for claims arising from a company's business operations or faulty products. These claims are usually bodily injury and property damage. 

What has surprised you the most about working in the insurance industry? 
I was surprised to learn how much focus and attention is paid towards all employees’ well-being and a healthy work environment. Not only when it comes to work-life balance and freedom with responsibility but also socially at the office. While I have been here, there has been events monthly where we all meet across teams and engage in different activities, such as lunches, dinners, cooking classes, DHL, holiday parties etc. There is a great sense of community in If.

What advice do you have for a student considering the UW trainee program?  
Don't hesitate to apply! If you are interested in insurance and underwriting, it is a steep learning curve, and you will gain a broad understanding of the industry. Another great thing about the trainee program is that you have time to evaluate what you think is interesting and later be able to pursue that.

Written by

Kajza Zellman Sjööblom