High-tech photo solution saves emissions when a car is damaged

What if our customers did not have to bring their damaged car to the workshop for an initial damage inspection? What if they could take photos and send them to the workshop instead, and then get a reply informing them of a time and date for repairs? Look no further, this is already an operational service through If, which puts the environment first while also saving valuable time and cutting emissions.

If’s innovative car photo inspection is all about a smoother and more environmentally friendly customer experience. The customer simply reports the claim regarding their damaged car to If via our website or a phone call, whereupon If informs the customer that a car inspection must be performed to assess the damage before repairs can commence.  

– This service is great. We have received tons of positive customer feedback for our car photo inspection.

The users feel the service is easy to use and that they’re able to save lots of time, and they point out the environmental benefits as they don’t have to use their car unnecessarily, says Victoria Åström, Business Developer at Claims, If Sweden.  

Victoria Åström, Business Developer at Claims

In other words, we are fully dedicated to making the future greener and brighter. 

Victoria Åström, Business Developer in Claims

Traditionally the customer has had to make two trips to the workshop – one trip for the technicians to inspect the damage, and a second trip for the repairs. A lot of hassle if you ask us. Instead, If came up with a digital service instructing drivers to take five photos themselves and send them to the technicians for assessment of the damage.

This qualitative method of sending photos and details regarding car damage means that, in many cases, only one trip to the workshop is required. A win-win situation for customers and the workshops – and not least for the environment.  

Contributing to a greener tomorrow

– There are other services similar to this one, but If’s solution is advanced and very easy to use for customers and workshops. Our solution is contributing to a greener tomorrow, says Victoria Åström. 

The service was rolled out in 2021 in Sweden, and by October the same year there had been a total of 25,000 photo inspections, which saved the equivalent of 151 tonnes of CO2 emissions, corresponding to a petrol-powered car driving 25 laps around the equator (one million kilometres).

Not only that – this also corresponds to the saving of a whopping 1,562 days spent driving to and from the workshops plus waiting time during the inspection (90 minutes per customer), and the amount of petrol that has been saved is around 60,000 litres.  

The service has now also been implemented in Norway, Finland and Denmark as well and is gradually being rolled out to more workshops. In 2022, If is expanding the service even further. We estimate that 70,000 car photo inspections will be performed in 2022 in the Nordic countries, and this would save more than 300 tonnes of CO2 emissions in Sweden alone.  

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