This is Ravish

He is more than a System Developer.
He is also a guardian of everyday life.

Fifteen years ago, Ravish began his journey as a developer. A journey that started in India with a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications has now taken him to Sweden and If. However, the insurance industry is not a new domain to Ravish. With many years of experience, both as a consultant and as an employee at several other insurance companies, he feels that he has found the perfect match.

“We all know that insurance is a very important part of our life. Being in this domain means that you are fixing real problems for real people. The importance is not defined by the company, we have a true impact on our customers everyday lives. Things we do that might seem small, like making it easier to pay for our insurances, can collectively make a great difference to our customers.”

Insights, knowledge and understanding are key factors

- My job is not only about being a developer, Ravish says. It takes insights into how insurance works, knowledge about laws and policies, and not least understanding of what our advisors, actuaries and underwriters need. It’s very evolving to sit by their side to figure out how I can contribute with my technical skills. See what problems they are facing and try to make their lives easier with the available technology. That excites me.

Ravish is mostly working with backend systems and functionalities within motor insurances. Behind the scenes, every motor policy status needs to be in sync with external governmental systems as there are various dependencies on the governmental level in each Nordic and Baltic country.
- But the customer should never be forced to care about any technical details, Ravish says. That’s my mission. I feel great job satisfaction working with this since it’s very relatable to my own life. You know, once you have a car you need to deal with insurance. My extensive experience in the insurance domain together with my own learnings as a customer give me a broad understanding of the field and hopefully the right skillset to not only do a good job but also make a change.

Microsoft technologies and development opportunities made the deal 

It was not only Ravish's interest in the insurance industry that attracted him to If. He also appreciates the Microsoft technologies stack and the great development opportunities within If's tech community.

- I have been working with Microsoft technologies stack during my whole career, he says. And here at If we are covering everything; .NET, C#, Microsoft Azure and cloud technologies. So, that check box is ticked. Thanks to our close collaboration with Microsoft, we get access to previews and have the opportunity to try out new technologies at an early stage.

-  And in addition to the technologies themselves, the extensive and varied systems at If are every developer's dream. I am not restricted to working on one single project or team. If I want to move forward and learn something new I can easily switch to another project. That means that I can stay here for a very long time and still develop myself. It’s like a big sea, where you can swim as you want.

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Success and happiness grow exponentially in a healthy team

The inclusive and welcoming culture at If is something that Ravish values ​​highly. Working in the Nordic and Baltic countries without mastering the local languages ​​could be a challenge – but not at If.

- I have always felt very welcome, Ravish says. If is like my extended family. This is a diverse workplace where different backgrounds and personalities are all equally valued. And coming from India, it’s very cool that we have English as working language. So that I don’t have to struggle with local languages but can communicate on the same premises that everybody else.

Ravish thinks that trust and mutual respect are the strongest assets for success.

- I’m a team player. When working in a healthy team the success and happiness grow exponentially. Surrounded by good people I can do anything. People matters a lot to me. And one thing that I always keep in mind is to first and foremost be a human being, and then a developer.

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