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A Solution Developer’s work isn’t something that customers really think about. But in the end, it has great impact on the customer experience. When working with health insurance, as Meri does, this is clearer than ever.

“Our customers don’t even notice my work. And that’s the point. We just want to make it as smooth as possible for them to get the right health insurance. So that they are securely insured, if bad luck strikes.”

Protecting the most valuable should be a piece of cake

Health insurances are, by nature, complex products. When it comes to protecting the most valuable, a human being, there are many risks and scenarios to consider. But does this mean that it needs to be complicated to buy a health insurance? Not if you ask Meri and her colleagues in If's MyServices Team, who work with electronic health declarations.

- People tend to believe that health insurances are a bit tricky to buy, Meri says. They can be associated with different forms that you need to fill in, some of them maybe even as paper copies by post. But getting a health insurance shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s one of the most important safety nets you can invest in. That’s why it feels so good to contribute to a smoother customer journey.

- One task that we had was to provide access to health declaration directly from MyPages, instead of a cryptic link via email. That might sound like a small detail, but every little extra step that we can simplify means a lot to the customer experience.

Trainee and student – the best of two worlds

Meri’s journey at If started even before her graduation in Software Engineering. In fact, she was only searching for a summer job when If’s .Net Trainee Program caught her eye. An application was sent in, but since Meri had one year left at University she felt unsure if it would be manageable to jump into a full-time trainee program.

- But then I was admitted to the program, Meri says. I loved every second of it, and the worries I had about combining it with my studies turned out to be totally unnecessary. I actually did my thesis at If as well, something that was supported by my leader.

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It was engagement from Meri’s side and flexibility from her leader’s side that made it possible to work at If the whole last year before graduation. Meri was doing her studies one day a week and spent the rest of her time working as Solution Developer.

- This setup worked much better than I could ever dream of. And I really feel that both If and I benefitted from it.

Coding and card playing goes hand in hand

Something that struck Meri already during her trainee period was the eagerness within If’s Tech Community, to develop as teams, improve processes and explore new technical solutions.

- It’s easy to learn new things in a working culture like that, she says. For example, we just implemented Docker in one of our systems and I had never worked with it before. It was really like starting from zero. My colleagues have been very interested in what I have learned, we have knowledge sharing sessions and so on. Since I get that support from my team it’s no problem to leave my comfort zone and try new things.

Meri describes the team spirit as one of the most important things for her. Not least when working remotely. A break playing cards together or just having a coffee can be invaluable.

- We’re only seven people in my team, and that gains the feeling of unity. We back each other and there’s always help when you need it. We have also started doing pair coding – a really efficient method to get difficult projects done easier. It’s always more reliable when two people look at the same problems, and so much more fun to solve them together.

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