This is Markus.

He is more than a Mobile App Developer.
He is also a simplifier of safety.

In many service areas, it’s both natural and expected to interact with customers with a mobile app. Using a mobile device to pay a bill, order a taxi or listen to music are everyday habits that we don’t even reflect on. As Mobile App Developer at If, Markus’ mission is to offer the same smooth functionality for managing insurances.

“It’s all about the transition from the web world to the app world. And If is taking the best out of this evolution. Making a claim should be as easy as picking a song on Spotify.”

One step ahead for the customer’s sake 

It might be tempting to procrastinate when you need to deal with your insurances if you think it’s complicated to do. But the consequences of not being correctly insured can be massive if something happens.

- By developing mobile apps for our customers, we give them the possibility to manage their insurances with just a few taps, Markus says. They don’t have to worry about their security net, since it just takes seconds to get an overview right there, in the app. And when handling insurances gets this easy, it will make our customer’s lives safer in the long run.

In the mobile phone market, the technical evolution is going faster than ever. To be able to develop an app that is up to date at the launch, it’s crucial to always be one step ahead.

- When we start a new project, we might be using technologies that 90 % of the target group wouldn’t be able to run on their current phones, Markus says. But based on trends analysis we can predict that after six months approximately 90 % in the same target group will be able to use the app because of updated operating systems. Basically, we take a step into the future already in the development work, and it’s motivating to work with the latest technologies such as SwiftUI and Kotlin.

It all started with a jump into the unknown

When Markus came to If’s tech community he had worked as a Web Developer for ten years. But mobile apps were unexplored territory for him at that point, so starting as a Mobile App Developer was kind of a jump into the unknown.

- I like working with tangible things, stuff that I can interact with, Markus says. In that sense the web world and the app world are pretty similar to each other. But still, I hadn’t any experience at all of app development when I came here. Giving me this trust says a lot about If. And thanks to my awesome colleagues I’ve been able to learn really quickly. It has been a fun ride.  

Having a learning culture as a company is not the same thing as giving the employees a couple of hours per week to study for themselves. A learning culture can’t be turned off and on, it’s a state of mind that truly has an impact on everyday work.

- The mentality at If is all about learning and trying new things, Markus describes. And it’s never a matter of prioritization. That we develop ourselves while working is just as important as doing our work.

If’s tech community is a place to grow  

When Markus thinks of his future at If, it’s not a promotion that he’s looking for. His intention is to stay put as a developer and deepen his knowledge as far as it goes within the field.

-To me, career is about getting better and better in my own expertise, Markus says. That said, I want to learn more about the systems, the processes, our products and our customers. That’s where I want to head in my work life – towards the big picture. And I think that’s also how I can best contribute to If. Having developers that also know a lot about the business – that’s something that companies really can benefit from.

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- I think that If’s tech community is a great place to work when you want to develop yourself as an expert in your field. When we decide to do something, we invest in both people and time. We really put effort into trying things out. We do it seriously. And this all because of the fact that If recognizes how hugely important tech is for the whole business.

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