This is Marko.

He is more than an Enterprise Architect.
He is also a painter of the bigger picture.

In his role as an Enterprise Architect for If’s frontline solutions, Marko is driven by exploring how complicated processes and systems can be made simpler and smoother. Not only for the Claims Advisor’s sake – in the end it will also have an impact on the customer experience.

“I find it extremely gratifying to simplify the complex. And the insurance business is a very complex world. The key is to overcome obstacles step by step and to make sure that everyone in the team share the same objectives.”

When ones and zeros are needed to bring about empathy

One of Marko’s tasks is to identify needs and search for technical solutions that help Claims  Advisors get a 360-degree view over the customers and their claims. It’s about making the customers’ history taken into account in each and every call, chat dialogue, and e-mail so that we don’t have to ask the customer unnecessary questions.

- We’re constantly trying to give the frontliners a better understanding of each customer’s specific case, Marko says. In one single claim there can be several touch points with us, and it’s important that the customer doesn’t need to tell the whole story about the injury time after time. It’s not only inefficient and annoying. It can also be emotionally tearing for the customer to repeat sensitive details again and again.

From pure coding to a link between business and IT

Marko’s journey in If’s tech community began with a summer trainee program during his studies. He came back after the degree in IT engineering and has stayed ever since. But the eleven years that have passed have been anything but stagnant.

- I started as a System Developer, first working with automotive claims and then over to electronic health declarations, Marko tells. But I have always been quite business minded, born and raised in an entrepreneurial family, so I gradually moved towards the business side. When I see it in the rear-view mirror, I think that I transformed into a more architectural position already as a developer at some point.

It was only a matter of time before Marko got his first post as a Solution Architect for My Pages, and a couple of years later he switched to the frontliner side and the current position as Enterprise Architect.

- Basically I was moving from pure coding to being a link between business and IT. I have been given the possibilities to try, fail and learn. That’s the reason I’m still here at If, after so many years. There has always been a next step. If I look ahead from now on, I hope to devote even more time to leadership.

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Colleagues who are miles away but close to heart.

Since If is a Nordic/Baltic company where team members often are spread over several countries, remote work has come natural for years. But even if the colleagues are miles away geographically, the team spirit is everything but distanced.

- We do lots of cool things here, working with all the latest technologies, Marko says. But that wouldn’t mean anything if it wasn’t for our work culture that is really helpful and genuine. And the most important thing; at If I dare to not know. If I have doubts or feel unsure I can always be honest with that. It requires a lot from a culture to allow that kind of openness but it’s also essential for development.

If you change something in one corner, you can’t always predict the consequence in another corner. You have to take risks, to constantly learn. And my colleagues are always by my side to help me do just that.

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