This is Artur.

You could call him an Enterprise Network Architect.
But he is actually a connector when things fall apart.

Most people think about networks as a socket in the wall or Wi-Fi button on their PC or mobile. Artur’s mission is to keep it that way, and build networks that seamlessly and securely connect If’s customers, employees and systems.

“At any time, from any location and from any device, our systems must be available for our customers. We want them to feel confident that our contact centers, web pages, mobile apps and any possible channel we offer is reliable and accessible. So, in times of trouble, reachability should be the last thing for them to worry about.”

Bringing both systems and people together

- When I do a great job, nobody actually notices. And that’s the point. Artur says. When everything with the connectivity is friction free and seamless, it supports the business to accelerate in its digitalization journey. I make sure that the connectivity won’t be a bottleneck for any initiative and in the end, it enables us to keep our promise to our customers. That we are by their side.

The infrastructure connectivity that Artur works with is not the core business of If – but it is in the core of If – all systems and services rely upon it. His role has both tactical and strategical levels.

- The variety of tasks motivates me. I get my hands dirty but I also zoom out and have a holistic view to make sure that everything we do is well aligned with If’s joint purpose. I work with cross-platform solutions where we need to align not only technical solutions but also people, to successfully implement changes and enable possibilities. Breaking silos and bringing people together is something that I’m very passionate about.

Where trust and respect are guiding stars

Artur grew up in the Armenian mountains, in the crossroads between Asian, Middle Eastern and European values. From this melting pot he brought a saying that has had a great impact on his choices in life.

- We used to say: “A polished stone will never stay on the street; someone will pick it up”. I was fueled by those words and have ever since used my curiosity to learn, develop and explore. My journey took me all over the world.

But at some point, I started to look for a place where I could settle down. Where I could be myself, both trusted and respected. A place where people are the most important asset, a place where every opinion matter. That is how I ended up here at If, where these values are not only on paper, but they guide how people think, act and behave.

Five years have passed since Artur started his career in If’s tech community. Years that have involved both professional development and given Artur the opportunity to grow as a person.

- It’s easy to thrive within your role at If, Artur says. We are given enough freedom. The boundaries are wide and allow me to create things that both make me proud and produce value for the business. I’m trusted in my role and have my development in my own hands. I’m never micro-managed.

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When processes are challenged innovation is born

Infrastructure projects tend to be very monolithic and far from agile. All focus is often put on one big delivery and then the project is all over and the next one sets off. This way of working is challenged by Artur and his colleagues within If’s tech community.

- We want to do it in a more modern and enjoyable way, Artur says. Therefore, we have started to work with iterations, scrums and sprints. It’s usually not happening that way in infrastructure projects. Being in a company that not only allows but also encourages, an exploring mindset gives me and my team the opportunity to really make a difference and achieve things that we wouldn’t be able to if we had to follow traditional processes.  

Artur describes If’s working culture as collaborative and motivating. Making mistakes is seen as a part of the learning process and different perspectives and opinions are always welcome.

- This builds an environment that helps us challenge ourselves and each other to develop and grow, he says. And it has motivated me to start up business degree studies in parallel with my work. I want to further develop my skills in translating business requirements into technical solutions and in the end, contribute even more to If and our customers.

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