This is Armin.

He is not only a Solution Developer.
He is also a creator of peaceful minds.

As a Solution Developer for If's MyPages, Armin never meets our customers in person, but he has nevertheless a true impact on their lives. More and more of If’s insurance related matters can be solved digitally and Armin’s mission is to make the customer experience as smooth as can be.

“By developing and improving the services in MyPages, I make it easier for our customers to keep track of their insurances. So they can spend their time and energy on more enjoyable things, feeling confident that we have their backs if something happens.”

Care for the customer is in the details

- Fixing bugs is always fun, Armin says. It’s often very detailed tasks, where I feel that I’m helping a specific customer in a concrete way. Even a minor issue in the MyPages functionality can be annoying for the customer to deal with, and it also causes a sense of insecurity. My task is to figure out what’s wrong and dig into the code to fix it right away, so that the customer can drop it and feel confident that everything with the insurances is reliable.

As the use of MyPages increases and the number of functions in the tool expand, there is also a continuous need to fine-tune and adapt the interface. One project Armin has worked a lot with was about unifying the expandable elements in MyPages with If’s new visual identity.

- My focus was to align these elements with the look of If’s web shop and content pages. It’s much more than just a visual thing. A consistent design is intuitively understandable for the customer – making it easier to navigate and manage the insurances. 

From summer trainee to squad member

It was If’s summer trainee program that caught Armin’s eye before the last year of his master studies. He had heard lots of good things about If as a tech employer and decided to apply, but he had no idea that his journey at If would continue long after the summer.

- Instead of going back to school that fall, I joined the MyPages squad in If’s tech community. It was quite overwhelming moving right from my studies into this huge project. But the helpful working culture made me feel really welcome and I was encouraged to throw myself into all the new stuff, asking questions and learning by doing.

After three years, Armin is still working in the same squad, which is a high rating on the work tasks but also on the team spirit. He describes the way of working as a very collaborative and iterative process where there always is room for development and improvement.

- Now, I’m sitting at the other side of the table – welcoming trainees who are taking their first steps into work life. It means a lot to my curiosity, having someone with a fresh mind there by my side, who dare to challenge ideas and work processes. If’s trainee programs have so many benefits. For the trainees, but also for us already working here. I’m truly happy that I decided to apply as trainee already before my last year at university.

And I have my graduation now, I actually wrote my thesis about one of my work projects here at If.

A frontrunning tech community at high speed

If Armin feels like trying some new challenges, he sees many opportunities ahead within If's tech community. The high amount of different teams, working with various technologies and tasks, motivate him.
- I like being a developer, he says. And at If I can stay as a developer and take steps in my career without being promoted for another role. I can deepen my knowledge about different programming languages and new tech innovations. Being a developer at If is fun and challenging at the same time.

To be a frontrunner in the insurance landscape, heavy IT investments and an agile and modern organization are prioritized at If. The wheels spin fast when it comes to exploring and implementing new solutions.

- We keep up a high speed, Armin says. A couple of years ago, nothing with MyPages was in the cloud, to take an example. Nowadays, most of it is. The cloud solutions are in focus in everything we do, and we make sure it’s secure, fast and scalable. That’s how we are building insurance systems that are aligned with our customer's needs. Today and tomorrow.