Sustainability is not just something we talk about at If – it is woven into everything we do. Our sustainability organisation is a network of employees in different roles, who actively contribute to sustainability initiatives around the company. However, sustainability is also a shared commitment that resonates throughout If.

According to Eeva Norros from Internal Communications: - We have a bunch of enthusiastic individuals at If who are genuinely interested in sustainability. They not only want to learn more about our work but also aim to challenge and be challenged by adopting new habits. We engage our employees in sustainability events that serve as platforms for promoting discussions, raising awareness, supporting wellbeing, and encouraging sustainable practices. 

Explore our line-up of sustainability events in 2023 to discover how our employees have been making efforts to minimise their carbon footprints. 

Earth Hour | 25 March 2023

Spotlight office: Tallinn, Estonia

Earth Hour is an annual global event that serves as a reminder of the importance of caring for our planet. Turning off lights for an hour is a symbolic gesture, and what we do every day really matters. This year, we focused on discussing energy saving with our employees, sharing tips and showing what we do as a company. One specific action we took was adjusting office temperatures in Finland, lowering from 22 to 21 degrees in winter and raising to 23 degrees in summer. 


In Tallinn, we had Toomas Kärner, who is an expert in energy markets, as a guest speaker. He spoke about the broader energy landscape, providing examples of smart and sustainable energy consumption. Toomas shared his journey of bringing his home consumption to close to zero by combining his knowledge of energy and IT. 

- We received practical tips for saving electricity in our daily lives, and Toomas shared the tools he uses to monitor consumption. As the installation of solar panels gains popularity in Estonia, we learned how to calculate the profitability of the investment and to choose the best possible spot. We also discovered that the most valuable investments are in good-quality windows and smart ventilation to prevent energy loss, reflects Eva-Grete Aljas, from our Communications team in Estonia. 


  • If has been involved in Earth Hour since 2010.
  • In 2023, we turned off the lights in 35 If offices across the Nordic and Baltic countries.
  • We organised an office event in 10 offices.

Sustainability Walking Tours | 19 April 2023

Spotlight office: Vækerø, Norway  

Our Sustainability Walking Tours brought together our employees to celebrate the release of If’s Sustainability Report 2022. Inspired by the pleasant city strolls we enjoy during vacations, we aimed to create a lively experience for both the organising team and participants. These walking tours provided a close-up look at the tangible sustainable practices and choices implemented across our offices, covering aspects such as energy use, food, recycling, furniture, and supplier selection. 

people in the office.

At our Vækerø office in Norway, Jon Sindre Isaksen from Group Services served as our tour guide. He led employees through the office, explaining how we derive some of our energy from solar panels and a heat pump in the Oslo Fjord, how almost all our waste is repurposed to heat the building, and how our carpets are skilfully crafted from old fishing nets.  

- I also revealed that our ‘marble’ tables are in fact crafted from recycled plastic found in the ocean. This was a fantastic initiative, because people often pass by these elements every day without paying them any further attention. During the tour, participants even took a moment to feel the ‘marble’ table-tops to check whether they felt like plastic or not.

I also showcased our pieces of artwork that were created from waste collected at our customers' claims sites. The walking tour left a lasting impression on our employees, with some even suggesting incorporating such walks into our onboarding process. 


  • 8 tours 
  • 5 offices 
  • 4 countries 
  • 100+ participants 

Wellbeing Weeks | 29 May – 8 June 2023

Spotlight office: Espoo, Finland

If’s Wellbeing Weeks are designed to benefit every If employee. The programme is organised by If’s health partners and focuses on providing knowledge and inspiration regarding wellbeing topics such as sleep, nutrition, meditation and exercise. 

Arttu Lazarev, who is based in our Espoo office in Finland, was eagerly looking forward to last year’s event. He had been inspired to change his daily habits after the wellbeing fair in the previous year and has become an inspiration across the company. 

Arttu Lazarev photo.

– I’ve always enjoyed an active lifestyle, but the birth of twins a few years ago changed my routines. If’s wellbeing fair at the office came at the right time for me. At the fair, different service providers presented their offerings, and I was encouraged to take part in a body composition measurement at one of the stands. The results really hit me – I realised that I needed to set a long-term goal to improve my health.

Two days later, I started doing a short exercise session before work. I also adjusted my diet by reducing portion sizes, skipping desserts and choosing healthier lunch options at work. It wasn’t easy to begin with, but I’ve rediscovered my love for sports, and now feel energetic at home and at work. 


  • 5 wellbeing webinars by guest speakers 
  • 8 wellbeing fairs hosted at If offices 
  • Wellbeing bingo and other activities for employees 
  • A plogging event in celebration of World Environment Day 
  • Bicycle repairs for World Bicycle Day 

International Food Waste Day | 29 September 2023

Spotlight office:  Stamholmen, Denmark 

If actively collaborates with canteens, coffee providers and snack suppliers to reduce food waste in our offices. To acknowledge International Food Waste Day, we challenged our employees in a friendly food waste competition between countries. The winner was the country that reduced food waste the most, compared to their usual amount. Denmark came out on top, with an impressive 50% reduction. 

kitchen staff in Stamholmen office.

Simon Krathus, who is an If employee and Head Chef at the restaurant in our Stamholmen office in Denmark, explains:  

- We serve food in small portions to minimise food waste, and employees can always come back for more. Our kitchen also strives to reuse leftovers, and on Fridays, employees can buy leftover food to take home. The food waste from our office is sent to biogas plants, where it’s turned into district heating, electricity and fertilisers.


Food waste competition between 4 countries and 10 offices. The results per country were as follows: 

  • Denmark: 17 grams per If employee (baseline average 34 g) 
  • Sweden: 31.2 grams per If employee (baseline average 41.2 g) 
  • Norway: 8.98 grams per If employee (baseline average 11.1 g) 
  • Finland: 14.8 grams per If employee (baseline average 14.3 g) 

Sustainability Day in the Baltic countries | 4 October 2023

Spotlight offices:  Riga (Latvia), Vilnius (Lithuania), Tallinn (Estonia) 

Our Baltic offices in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius organised a Sustainability Day for employees. This was an opportunity to come together and discuss If’s approach to sustainability and global challenges, and how to integrate sustainability into everyone’s daily work and life in a practical and meaningful way. 

Philip Thörn photo.
Philip Thörn, Head of Sustainability, If

Liene Meklere-Kutsare is Head of Baltic Marketing and Communication Department, and highlights some of the discussions: 

– Sustainability means different things to different people. So, for the first time, we organised an event to truly understand If’s vision for sustainability. We had external speakers in Latvia and Lithuania who helped us to explore sustainability, not just as a concept, but as a way of life.

Together, we discovered how each of us can make a difference through small yet meaningful changes. In Estonia, we learned about the importance of mobility, and how the insurance industry affects sustainability. Finally, we engaged in local discussions on the numerous initiatives already in progress across If. 


  • 3 events in three countries  
  • Presentations by 10 experts 
  • 300 participants