Diversity and gender equality

Interview with Muzafar Ali, Head of CustomerCentre Outbound.

Building bridges instead of walls

To promote diversity at If, 14 ‘Diversity Ambassadors’ were appointed in 2018, tasked with building an inclusive company culture. Muzafar Ali is one of the ambassadors for an initiative called the ‘Buddy Program’. 

‘Raising awareness is really important. I truly believe that a high level of diversity has great impact on If and the culture here,’ says Muzafar Ali. 

Muzafar Ali is responsible for outbound operations in Denmark and has been an If employee since April 2017. In 2018 he was appointed Diversity Ambassador, choosing to volunteer for the Buddy Program. 

Focus on diversity contributes to making If a workplace where everybody respects each other.

In the Buddy Program, we establish a mentoring relationship between an experienced and a new employee. The mentor is there for the new employee to ask questions. The purpose is to make sure that all our new employees feel safe and included from the very beginning at If,’ Muzafar Ali continues. 

In 2018, pilot programmes in Finland and Denmark were completed with great feedback from mentors and mentees, as well as their managers. The Buddy Program has been making a difference for If’s new employees, and at the same time providing development opportunities for existing employees. 

The ambassadorship and the Buddy Program are examples of If’s activities to promote diversity and inclusion. The goal is that these will continue to spread in the organisation. 

‘Focus on diversity contributes to making If a workplace where everybody respects each other no matter their religion, age, gender or sexuality. It contributes to an open company culture and expands people’s perspectives,’ says Muzafar Ali.