If’s Anti-fraud statement – The Netherlands

We do not tolerate any kind of fraud in If

Insurance is founded on mutual trust between the insurer and the policyholder. In order to earn trust from our customers and to fulfil If’s corporate social responsibility, If needs to protect our customer’s interests, the company’s interests and the insurance collective’s interest by actively preventing, detecting and rejecting fraud.

How do we define fraud?

  • Insurance fraud: Obtaining insurance policies on false or non-existing premises, i.e.: premium evasion, fee churning, underwriting fraud, and non-legitimated kickbacks.
  • Claims fraud: Compensations paid on dishonest grounds, i.e.: exaggerated claims, bogus claims and wilful acts.
  • Partner fraud: Fraud committed by or in cooperation with partners, vendors, and service providers, i.e.: false or exaggerated payments not corresponding to the provided service.

Prevention of fraud

If’s products, services and working practices are arranged in such a way that they do not encourage or facilitate insurance fraud, claims fraud or partner fraud. We work actively to prevent fraud also on a societal level, by using our insight and experience in cooperation with authorities and other relevant stakeholders for the mutual benefit of the insurance collective.

Detection of fraud

Internal control measures are in place in order to detect signs of fraud committed by customers, employees, partners, vendors and/or other service providers who is representing If or deliver goods and services to or on behalf of If.

Rejection of fraud

If has an Investigation Unit that is responsible for supporting the organisation in their efforts to combat fraud, and to investigate suspected fraud towards If.

Consequences of fraud

If can take various measures in a situation where fraud has been proven, e.g.:

  • reject the claim or decrease the claims compensation,
  • reclaim an insurance payment made,
  • terminate the insurance,
  • file a police report.

Personal data

We are processing personal data of our customers in compliance with the applicable insurance and data protection legislation. More information about processing personal data can be found at Handling of personal data and data privacy.