A navigator

with a child's voice

    We all know that speeding increases the risk for severe accidents, but many of us still drive too fast. It’s not that we don’t care, because we do. But sometimes – for whatever reason – the thought just escapes our minds.

    ​To serve as a reminder, we have developed a new kind of navigator. It changes to a child’s voice when you drive near a school or some other area where there are lots of children around. Sometimes we need someone to speak up to make us behave better in traffic, especially around places where kids move about.

    Download the navigator

    The navigator is available in the countries listed below. Download it. You can even help us to improve it by suggesting new areas where you would like to make a child’s voice heard.

    Finland, Aja hiljaa

    Norway, Barnestemme-GPS

    Sweden, Barnröstnavigering