Risk Management services

If's ultimate goal is, together with you, to reduce loss exposure.

​That is why we take a comprehensive approach to fully understanding your insurance and risk management requirements. We work actively with you, on site, to support your organisation. We recommend risk improvement solutions that are down to earth, practical and cost effective. Our approach focuses on four main areas:

  • Property and business interruption risks
  • Cargo risks
  • Liability risks
  • Health & safety risks

Professional risk management on a global scale

If has the largest risk management unit in the Nordic insurance
market. Our internationally trained professionals work in close co-operation with your organisation. You have access to a full spectrum of risk management services, regardless of where your operations
are located. Most of our clients are large multi-national organisations
that demand high quality standards for their risk management operations and from insurance partners. We have extensive knowledge of losses and a documented history of experience in working closely together with our clients in different industries. This enables us to support you in achieving your highest requirements.

Risk management services at a glance

We have set ambitiously high standards for ourselves with regards to competence and risk evaluation tools for the benefit of our clients. We designate a risk management specialist to each client, with the responsibility for coordinating and delivering on all services agreed with your company. At a glance, our service offering comprises:

  • On-site surveys and other risk evaluations with accompanying loss prevention reports. These reports, with risk improvement recommendations, are sent to clients within three weeks of each visit.
  • Annual property loss prevention summaries with benchmarking evaluations
  • Management briefings on current cargo and liability risks
  • Management briefings on Health & Safety issues
  • Risk management loss reports for major property
  • Professional advice on a daily basis. This includes advice on construction projects, plant extensions or modifications, contractual advice concerning liability, technical advice on securing the load in special transportation situations, advice on Health & Safety.
  • Regular information sharing regarding lessons from losses, industry loss drivers, emerging risks and loss prevention solutions.