Online services

Whenever and wherever you need it.

Secure and flexible

Our online services provide clients and brokers with secureand
flexible management of their insurance portfolios. They are designed to improve and add value to your business processes by simplifying and speeding up routine insurance procedures.

Customised services

As an If client, you are granted access to customised online services. Some services can be securely integrated into your IT landscape in order to improve data quality and minimise administrative tasks.

Online services at a glance

We have developed specific online services to meet your various requirements.

If Login

If Login is a Nordic solution designed for use by all If corporate clients. Your If Login account is hosted at a secure online website, in a fashion similar to onlinebanking, that can be accessed by designated staff at your organisation from any computer. Through If
Login you can view your global insurance information and directly conduct a number of different tasks. The account enables you, depending on access rights, to:

  • review policies and receive an overview of insurance coverage
  • access pertinent account related documents
  • access important data from any location
  • file a claim and/or view claim reports
  • read If risk survey reports
  • read insurance terms and conditions
  • notify If or a broker of any relevant insurance coverage changes
  • issue insurance certificates.

If Extranet

The If Extranet enables your employees to access relevantand
useful information, including details of their employee coverage independently. The customised site reduces the workload of company HR departments. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated
into an existing company intranet, thus simplifyingthe user login procedure.

Cargo Online

Cargo Online is a customised web based solution, designed to enable certain clients, If agents, to administer and sell insurance coverage and subsequently receive commission. The service even
allows for coverage to be organised for transported goods and leased equipment, as well as on insurance products to be added to the If agent’s core offering.

If Login

Log in to handle your corporate insurances, click here to access The New If Login

Information to clients and brokers in Finland:

If Login (Classic version)​ is closed. Please use the New If Login instead.
On the 27.11.2017, you will receive an e-mail, which will include instructions on how to start to use the renewed If Login-service.
If for some reason you do not receive the welcome message by the 28.11.2017 (for example, because of a spam filter), you can order a new password from the following address by clicking “Forgot password”.
The user ID for the renewed If Login-service is your e-mail address.
If you cannot access the system, you can contact us by using the following e-mail address:
If you have questions regarding Workers Compensation claims, please contact our claims service: or call us 010 19 1711

If you have any questions please contact us





Other countries:

Please remember that you can also always contact your client team at If.​​​​​​​