Claims handling the way it should be

Fast and pro-active claims handling

Every claim has the potential to impact the day-to-dayoperations of
your business. Therefore at If we focus on pro-actively processing all claims as quickly and efficiently as possible. With over 650 claims specialists in 12 countries, and a network of trusted partners handling claims on our behalf in a further 140 countries, you can rely on us for effective global claims support.

Rapid response

Claim notifications can be made 24/7 through our online services tool, If Login, by e-mail, by phone or internet. Once registered, we will immediately assume command of handling your claim. For large claims where a site visit is required, an experienced claims
handler or our representative will be onsite within three hours in the Nordic Region if necessary or three days elsewhere around the globe. When a settlement has been reached over the amount of the indemnification, you will receive payment within five working days.

Large claim teams

In the event of a large claim, a team of If experts will be assembled to handle the claim in question. In the first phase of the process, we jointly agree on the optimal strategic approach for handling the claim.
We will also involve you in planning the subsequent steps in the claims handling process. During the handling phase, follow-up meetings and reporting will be carried out in accordance with our agreement.

Personalised claims support

To facilitate prompt and accurate claims handling, we can allocate a designated claims handler to you if desired. In this way we avoid any unnecessary delays as the handler has knowledge of your operations, markets and prior claims. Furthermore, if you sustain a large claim, your designated handler will also be a member of the large claim team.

Pre-defined procedures

If you have international operations in several countries, we can conclude an agreement on the claims handling procedures in advance. A claims Programme Head located in the country of your company's headquarters will be designated to act as your contact person and co-ordinator in the event of a claim involving any of your risks abroad.