Managing Property and Business Interruption Risks

In an analysis of property and business interruption risks observations, interviews and company documents are used to identify the company's property risks with the desired level of detail.

Property risks analysed include e.g. fire, breakage, process and chemical risks, as well as construction and installation risks. Business Interruption risks involve property and interdependency risks, and the related analysis involves a survey of the clients' various risk areas. Based on the agreed scope and the analysis, measures to reduce and eliminate risks are presented. Our services include the following:

Risk Surveys

Risk Surveys are analyses of property and business interruption risks which aid in defining insurance solutions and risk pricing, as well as in issuing risk management recommendations. Also interdependency risk are assessed and discussed in the reports and recommendations.

Loss Prevention reports

Loss Prevention reports include down to earth and easy to understand advice on how to improve the loss prevention level and prevent losses from incurring.

Tailored Property and Business Interruption Risk Surveys

Tailored Property and Business Interruption Risk Surveys are performed on a customer-specific basis using different risk assessing methods, one of which is the If Property Navigator.

Construction Projects including Investment Negotiations

Risk Management Services for Construction Projects including Investment Negotiations are arranged during investment and process planning phases and during significant transition periods. At these negotiations, If's experts consult plans to take personal accident, property, liability, data and transport risks into consideration in relation to work site risks and risks connected to completed facilities and processes.

​Improve your loss prevention level

Within Property and Business Interruption risks, we are committed to help you in improving your loss prevention level and thus, preventing losses from incurring. The Hazard info sheets deal with some common risks present in almost any industry. The sheets briefly describe the risk in question and give clear and easily understandable advice about how to reduce the risk.

Hazard info sheets

Battery charging (pdf. 106 KB)
Hot work (pdf, 228 KB)
Hydraulic oils (pdf, 141 KB)
Outdoor storage (pdf, 297 KB)
Plastic insulation (pdf, 176 KB)
Snow loads (pdf, 133 KB)
Thermographic surveys (pdf, 111 KB)
Vacant buildings (pdf, 155 KB)