Managing Liability Risks

A liability risk involves the threat of the company or individual having to bear the consequences of damage or of breaching standards due to operations, a product, an act or neglect.

A liability risk survey involves the analysis, through interviews and review of documents, of the company's key liability risks. The liability risk survey can cover all of the company's liability risks or only those of agreed sectors. The tool used is the If Liability Navigator.

General Liability risk

General Liability risk refers to the risk of the company's operations causing damage to the company's employees, contractual parties or third parties.

Product Liability risk

Product Liability risk refers to the risk of a product launched by the company causing damage to a person or to other property.

Contractual risk

Contractual risk refers to the risk of contracts not being fulfilled properly or within the agreed time limit, which can result in losses and other consequences for the company.

The survey may also focus on the liability of the service provider, environmental liability, liability for the breach of an intangible right and Directors' and Officers' liability.