Managing Cargo Risks

The starting point of a cargo risk survey may be an individual cargo transport, a project-like transport entity or the customer's worldwide export field.

A good starting point for a successful transportation is reliance on high-quality transport operators, but the cargo risks should be surveyed first so that the related requirements can be set accordingly. Cargo risk analysis also involves judicial issues such as transport and cargo liability. Cargo risk analyses are generally tailored according to the needs of the customer. Below some of the main cargo risk management areas.

Claims Statistics Analysis

The Claims Statistics Analysis is a basic element in the survey of risks connected to streams of goods. This analysis is based on the claims history of various fields: forest, metal, electronics and chemical industries, trade etc.

Warehouse Risk Analysis

The Warehouse Risk Analysis is a risk survey method used for the analysis of risks relating to the intermediate storage of streams of goods. The tool used is the If Warehouse Navigator.

Analysis of the Handling, Loading and Unloading of Goods

The Analysis of the Handling, Loading and Unloading of Goods involves a survey and assessment of methods used and suggestions for improvements.

Transport Legal Risk Analysis

The Transport Legal Risk Analysis (freight and logistics contract analysis) refers to an analysis with an agreed scope of companies' logistics, transport and freight contracts.

Shipping Terms

In risk analyses connected to Shipping Terms (Incoterms), the focus will be on the criteria and significance of the selection of a suitable clause based on the customer's logistics, the obligation to insure and the linking of the clause to transport contracts.

​Means of Transportation Consultancy

Means of Transportation Consultancy is based on a global mercantile fleet data file, which provides significant risk information about an individual vessel's risk history.

Port Consultancy

Port Consultancy is based on a global port data file, which provides extensive information about all routes and ports in the world.

Technical Service

Technical Service refers to loading and vessel inspections, as well as loading, packaging and transportation guidance.​