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If's motor insurance cover will enable you to manage the special risks pertaining to your company's fleet​​​​​​​​.
If’s motor insurance cover will provide you with peace of mind by protecting your company’s vehicles and your drivers. Motor fleet insurance provides security for your business by insuring your company against damage To the fleet itself, third party vehicles and property and it provides cover against liability sustained as a result of injury to a third party.

  • Tailor-made insurance and risk management solutions

    Co-ordinated Nordic solutions for your motor fleet.

  • All vehicles covered under a single policy

    Enables you to save time and money.​​

  • A designated client team

    Insurance, risk management and claims specialists.​

No matter how many vehicles your company has, we can tailor-make a solution to meet your exact needs. If’s experienced product specialists know the risk associated with large enterprises and we will provide you with expert advice and comprehensive coverage.​

A company’s motor fleet can be a significant investment in terms of money and administration time. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you have offices in the Nordic and Baltic Regions

Does your company have offices in the Nordic and Baltic Regions?​

If can provide you with insurance coverage not only in the Nordic Region but also in the Baltic countries. All you need is to have is contact with one insurance company, If. If can offer you one-stop insurance coverage for all your motor fleet requirements.​

Does your company have offices in several countries?

For enterprises with branch offices in several countries If can provide a co-ordinated solution for your motor fleet insurance requirements. Outside the Nordic and Baltic Regions, If provides local coverage through our network partners.

You will be appointed a designated team and a contact person who will take care of all the local administration.​

Insure your fleet in If

When you insure your fleet with If, you will receive claims handling the way it should be.

This means:

  • Fast and pro-active claims handling
  • A rapid response
  • Personalised claims support

Fast repairs and expedient claims handling ensures the minimum of disturbance to your business operations. You can use our online service If Login to report a claim. With If Login you will be able to sign new policies and keep up-to-date with your existing ones.​

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